Bring back the Ghost cam?

I’m not sure if I’m the only one who cares about this but when im waiting in game for the match to start I hate just staring at the screen with everyone’s name. Bring back the dam ghost cam so I can at least pan around the map!! Something please… anyone else miss it?

I dont think its going to come back to be honest. Wasnt it removed to stop people giving the other players position away so easily?


Even showing where the names are is so uncool. I’ll be honest in that I use it to my advantage all the time. But, I would be in favor of them getting rid of it. Especially for Guardian. Let’s say I see the name “XxMarcusGearzxX” appearing in a certain spot on my teammate’s screen while I’m waiting to respawn, I can just look at the scoreboard, see that he’s the leader this round, and let my team know exactly where the leader is. We’ve won so many matches that way.

A big no to ghost cam in versus, its just to OP, but for horde it would be nice.

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I just dont see it being an advantage unless your a hide for 5 minutes player. But it’s not hide and go seek its gears! get in and do work!