Bring back the gears one music and the gear pop music in to the whole of gears 5

i like the music better than what we have now , i know they have it in some sections , but the title scree is boring, the game has boring music,

like if you agree

Idk if they would just throw out a what I believe is an orchestrated piece for an older orchestrated piece but hey who knows.
I mean maybe eventually title music will be purchasable XD
Or a cooler idea maybe different title music during special events and such maybe?

But I see it very unlikely of them changing the actual title music.

If you paid any attention to the music in Gears 5 Campaign you’d have heard older Gears 2 or possibly 1 and 3 as well, some from 4 too. Most notably when revisiting old places or the Kadar facility in parts. So some of it’s technically there.

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Yeah they pointed that out in the post but they meant like the actual lobby music but yeah I heard that as well and I swear I fell back and listened then got up and continued playing after my short music trip.

I don’t mind the new music(for the main menu, at least - the ones for Versus and Horde aren’t great). But I guess it could be optional to have the old soundtracks in it instead if wanted.

I agree nothing wrong with it but I would love the option to hear the GOW 3 title music

I mean the Jace Stratton part did some fun justice so that was nice.