Bring Back The Dark and Gritty Gears Aesthetic

If there’s one thing I will always love more about the older Gears games over the newer ones, it’s the dark and gritty atmosphere. Gears 3-5 have definitely brought a more colorful aesthetic that looks beautiful, but could definitely improve in certain areas.

For instance, when you chunk someone with the gnasher in Gears 5 (and 3/4 for that matter), it just looks like red jelly spattered about. In Gears 1 and 2, you could see the the bones inside the chunks, and the blood was more realistic looking. The way the blood and gore looks in Gears 5 is a bit too cartoony, and I wish they’d go back to their roots; gritty, dark, and somewhat realistic. It really made killing an enemy that much more satisfying.

Side note: please update the headshot sfx to be more impactful!


Might wanna play gears 3 again…

Last time I checked, gears 3 has the old gore with updated graphics from 2012.

Gears 3 was somewhat still a gears game, it tried to stay gritty, but tried to say “This is the end”.

Nah the gore was very cartoony in there. Less blood, less detail and bodies exploded the same way. Torso, legs, arms and head in a weird red gusher.

Gears 1 has the fountain of blood, Gears 2 had the detailed chunks where bone and all would appear.

I, too, want the gritty Gears atmosphere and visuals design back.


This 100%. They can certainly do this. Question really is, do they want to?


I agree. It lost its touch with each passing game to the point the effort in Gears 5’s gore is clearly minimal.

I 100% agree

I can definitely support this thread as well!!!

I bet the brighter world is on purpose in 4/5 due to the world isn’t engulfed in war yet, at the end of 5 we start seeing more destruction / darker tones ect. 6 will most likely continue to push that color palette and atmosphere.

But as for the gore, I’ll be honest, I don’t get what people are talking about. The characters get drenched in blood whenever I do an execution and it looks good to me.

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Which seems fine if they don’t also completely eliminate proper color saturation and actually making the world look more alive(in parts that aren’t devastated, of course) unlike previous Gears(1 and 2 mostly) where it was mostly brown, black, grey and some faded greens and maybe reds. I’d argue the atmosphere is what matters the most, not making the world look more like an actual place than a bland, washed out mess that doesn’t look very real.


I’m confused, did my copy of gears 3 come with gears 2 gore details or is it banned in some regions?

I think you’re mis-remembering, GoW2 had actual details in its chunks. GoW3 def didn’t, not as much


Agreed, Fallout 4 is a perfect examples of how even in an post apocalyptic environment, color is still a thing. I’m not sure if that’s what people are complaining about or if its just the brighter environments, i assumed it was just the lighting and tone, i will say that after playing today that there is a ton of bodies in settlement 2. This is still a very dark game.

That’s something I don’t get - people claiming Gears 5 isn’t “dark” or something. In face of stuff like the Hammer of Dawn going out of control in Settlement 2, the Stump civilian massacre in the theater(which I was not expecting at all), pretty much the entirety of Act 4(which likely is an indicator of how things will become), and then there’s also Act 3 foreshadowing the Swarm becoming much worse as a threat(something I thought it did rather well when I first played it). It doesn’t make sense how people(not you) can claim that when you have the aforementioned things happening in the Campaign. And the Riftworm village siege or stuff like the overrun Outsider camp near Mount Kadar in the abandoned mine also deserve a spot on that list.

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Gears 2 had the best gore.

Change my mind

My guess is that they wanted to reach the 60fps target goal as opposed to the 30fps gears has always had and details like destructible environments and more detailed gore had to take a hit due to the Base Xbox One being pretty weak and they wanted it to run good on all xbox one systems

I don’t agree on the blood for the original gears, to me it looked (and still looks) like kool aid

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90% of the locust body was made of kool aid

No wonder they drew enough blood to fill an ocean

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I remember noticing this release day when I loaded gears 3 up for the first time.It was a hot day in Florida and the gamestop was a 20min drive. I do remember it getting put on the back burner in my head after the first day of realizing how the retro and sawed off was ruining the meta of the game (my opinion I know) so I ended up focusing on that when frequenting the old forums to dig through feedback threads so maybe some of that is why some people dont remember that as clearly.

I mean hey, at least it’s edible.Wait ,that doesn’t sound right, pretend I never said that