Bring back tdm for rank system, the game is boring

I got like a 60 friends in Gears and we are upset with the coalition . How you can take out the best modes from ranked system . Exexution and TDM. The game is boring playing KOH only , because gridiron its sucks. We need TDM in ranked. We are playing Since gears 2 , I’m a 49 year old. We play only Exexution since Gears 2 and TDM in ranked system since gears 3 . please Bring back the best modes TDM and execution.


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Lol you guys,

Jus be straight with the guy jeez

Its a cr@p mode and it’s NEVER coming back


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Two things:

1: How can we be straight with anybody who makes a thread about it when there is a search bar. It’s faster than making a thread to do a search.
2: But it is coming back in a few weeks.

1, you can’t and shouldn’t

2, yea, I know, see 1 lmfao :rofl::rofl:

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1, fair, but there is not real harm, If it helps the community to show how it feels and think it helps their chance to get heard. (Main thread for TDM - Back after preseason with major changes)

  1. its been removed, with no guarantee of coming back (i would like to say its popularity would make it be the reason to be added back)
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No guarantee? They literally said in the Dev stream they are bringing it back soon after they fix a few things in it.

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They said they may bring it back if they are happy with it.

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the 2nd link. (from my post)

he literally said, “Yeah, well no, maybe…”

he then carefully words that they will try a few things and then maybe a special event or dev list, as it was not working in the best possible sense.

It sounds like a candidate “new TDM” may be different, but TDM may lose a ranked mode.

An interesting stunt, if it’s guaranteed to return then just say it literally.

I do not want to risk losing it at all (ATM we no longer have anything like it in ranked, no TDM, no Warzone, no Execution, and casual is boring)


“Crap mode”

*playlist holds 60-70 percent of the total gears population

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It’ll be back. After they see all of these threads complaining, they will bring it back.


It’ll be back.

TC isn’t that cruel. They’re working on guardian & tdm.

Honestly don’t see how they can make a ranking system for FFA since that seems way more complex than a TDM ranking system but I’m sure someone’s tweaking the modes.

It is a shocker when you find it removed.

Honestly was disappointed when they removed guardian too but I didn’t make much noise since it was my sub mode I’d visit when I needed a break from TDM. I’d visit all the modes eventually.

Probably king was the second mode I played most but doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy choosing modes when I was looking for something different to try.

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there have been some really questionable decisions made by TC…

so to ensure we get TDM, im willing, with the support of all here, to generate noise (valuable feedback), letting them know how much this mode is important to us. So they can listen :wink:

none of this “well no, maybe” stuff.

only a “HELL YES its gonna be back with a VENGEANCE” (that’s what I want to hear)


FYI on the main thread

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