Bring back Replay/camera/ whatever mode (from gears 2) EDIT: GOW 2 DID NOT HAVE THIS BUT STILL WOULD BE COOL

Anyone remember that special rewatch mode you could do back in gears of war 2 where you could rewatch any match you played? I feel like that would be very useful in gears 5 so you would have the oppertunity to go back and see where you messed up and learn from previous matches on how to fix you game up, I know I took hella advantage of this back in the day, would anyone else like to see this feature brought back or does it seek pointless? Thoughts?

Would be a nice thing to have tbh.

This was never a thing.


I think he’s speaking of the photo mode players can enter but might’ve misinterpreted it and mixed it with halo’s theatre system

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Pretty sure you mean halo 3, never ever has that been in a gears game.

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He is definitely thinking of Halo.

No it’s the photo mode from gears 2, it would let you watch the whole match you just played and pause and move the camera anywhere, I used to take really Intimate photos of the gore in that game using it. I didnt even know halo had a theater mode cause I dont play that game lol

No it didn’t.

All you could take was still photos from the current point in time.

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I know I’m not going crazy with this, i dont wanna have to redownload gears 2 just to show what I mean but I swear it was there

I really thought I was the only one who did this lmao

During the match when u we’re dead u could photo.

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It was a separate mode where you literally can rewatch the whole game, hold on before we take this any further I have to go back and find this ■■■■ in gears 2 after I download it, if I’m wrong I’m gonna eat my 3rd gears of war 2 disk

I can check rn I do have it installed, let me give it a look

Outlaw it up brother

You are but please don’t do this.


You could just google it instead of downloading the whole game

@GhostofDelta2 and us are in fact correct. There is no match replay mode BUT there is a segment in the war journal where you can view past photos you’ve taken in past matches and upload them. So yeah no match replay

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And give in to the system??? No thanks lol, plus why not give the golden age of gears a visit

Gears 2 is amazing, I wish I had a whole squad of players to jump on it and play the OG horde with tbh

Well my hair is officially out of my head lol, and I’m always down to hop on gears 2, ■■■■ already got it downloading!