Bring back ranked teams

I know it has probably been said before, but there is absolutely no reason why team death match ranked should be limited to a team of 2. Also, what happened to dodgeball??? Please bring that back, and also a ranked guardian mode. Gears of war is a blast playing solo, BUT IT IS A TEAM GAME. I have no issue ranking up in team death match solo, but there’s no reason why I shouldn’t be able to rank up with the homies. Same to be said for all other game modes. If you cater to the weakest members of the community you will ruin a game. Bring back ranked teams!!!


There are some fuddy-duddies that don’t want stacks in tdm


Should be no limit on stacks and I love to do it myself BUT ■■■■ me the matchmaking needs addressing too. 4 stacks shouldn’t ever go against 4 randoms on KOTH for example. I play solo a lot by choice and it ends up being laughable. Chilling in onyx and suddenly master stacks arrive game after game.

I’ve always felt a squad of four should never match up with solos or anyone in say a squad less than 3.

See what they tried to do with TDM but they’d be better off pairing stacks vs stacks (or a squad of 3+ as said) rather than cutting the party limit in half.


You’re just mad that you’re no longer able to be carried out of bronze by your friends.


I like this guy already, welcome to the forums

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There isn’t enough of a player base where they can improve the matchmaking for stacked teams. If the player base was robust in numbers and popularity, say a 4 stack team being matched with a 3 stack team and a random would work better than that 4 stacked team against 4 randoms. I believe that TC could build into the MM system to make this happen, but due to the low number of players the 4 stacked team would never find a equivalent or close to equivalent stacked team. Therefore, because of this and prior complaints they just scrapped it and limited it to 2 person squad only. This increases the chance of a 2 quad plus 2 randoms to find a match against the same setup or 4 randoms.

I’m aware that Steam Gears 5 players doesn’t represent the whole picture of players on this game, with MS Store and Xbox game-pass being the 2 biggest distribution points, but on Steam Gears 5 doesn’t even register in the top 100 with #100 (Counter Strike Source) sitting at 7,600 players. I’m a Gears fanatic and the truth is that Gears 5 has to be one of the least popular Gears, because I recall playing Gears 4 right before 5 dropped and that installment was highly active and I never a problem finding matches quickly. Lobbies were always full with players who were less likely to drop out and quit also.

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Well it’s a cause & effect.

TC stripped a lot of game modes & limited TDM so the effect is people leave & lose interest.

I know 30 dedicated guardian players that just moved on back when they removed ranked guardian & instead of being like “we f’d up” they don’t learn.

They put there hand on a hot stove so what did we all expect when they get burned.

Now they’re fumbling with the gnasher still & refuse to think about reverting the tuning. So the pool is just getting smaller & smaller & its no ones fault but TC’s.

They had the ability to recapture the audience back in December when people were actually playing this game. But what did they do? Drastically reduce the movement & kept chopping up multiplayer to 4v4, that that was the real issue.

Not to mention the lag compensation & all these frame rate drops when facing someone from
Mexico who is running DSL. Makes it hard to tell if they’re actually in front of you or what because lag compensation is visually displeasing. On your screen they’re 5-10 feet away, on their screen they’re in front of you for the gib - which is why it’s so displeasing & the kill cam in null void.

Cant grow a plant in salt no matter the mounds it just won’t.



The movement has been dumbed down tremendously, and it was one of the reasons why I moved over to PC Gears 5. When I played G4 on the Xbox series and had a opportunity to play Gears 4 on PC, it felt so much smoother and liberating being able to pull off moves that were unthinkable on a Xbox. Now I feel that the game’s speed was purposely regressed to “even” out the playing field. Great for a Xbox newcomer but not so great for those of us who have been playing up to Gears 4. To be honest after they adjusted the game to the slower speed I’ve become better in regards to K/D and MVP performance, however, I prefer the faster speed because it was more challenging and I had something to work towards becoming better. To me that’s what Gears was all about…keep playing to become better to pull off better moves and combos that up’d your game. Watching videos of top players owning and booting up the game in attempt to pull off some their moves. Although I still play Gears, the basic core of what the Gears franchise stood for no longer exist, only in name, characters and familiar rehashed maps.

Regarding the weapon tuning, it seems that TC has taken a page out of the COD playbook, where each season they nerf/buff certain weapons based on community feedback. My question is what community are they listening to? If it were my choice and although not perfect, the way things were in OP4 was on point. They should’ve left it there and just proceeded with introducing new content as the game aged.


Welcome back guilty:)

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Stacks don’t matter…

You’re just a loser who posts negative ■■■■ online :rofl:

I do miss Guardian in ranked, but, to know that you wouldn’t be able to run with your mates makes the missing it a little easier.

Spot on!

The Troll King has spoken :wink:


Btw I’m gold III from solo queue lil boy I’m sure you’re a prodigy! Go somewhere else and do 360 spins on your thumb like you know best


Can’t believe how triggered this dude got.

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Imagine buying Gears 5 cause you loved the PVP multiplayer of the franchise up to this point to then log in and realize you that you have only 1 game mode where you can play with a squad and literally 2 other game modes that you can play only with one friend of yours :slightly_smiling_face:


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