Bring Back Mutators (New Ideas)

This is both a yelling at TC thread and creative expression thread. I really loved the inclusion of mutators for Arcade Campaign/Horde, and I’d love to see it re-introduced at some point either in Gears 5 or 6. And now we have Escape to think about too. So I want to propose my own list of Horde/Escape based mutators, and I invite you to do the same.


  1. Explosive Tap (Easy) - Whenever a Power Tap is activated, all enemies nearby will explode.
  2. Whole Grain (Fun) - All dialogue is replaced by Cole Train quotes.
  3. Hangtime (Easy) - Regenerate Ammo while standing still (Not in cover).
  4. Streak (Easy) - While roadie running, leave a trail of fire behind you (Such as Lambent Berserkers).
  5. Thick Skin (Easy) - Gain 10% Resistance for every 50 Points of Damage taken, ends once you stop taking Damage for ten seconds or more.
  6. Golden Vengeance (Fun) - Executed enemies will freeze in gold when killed.
  7. Downed Ice (Easy) - When enemies are downed, they will freeze everything around them in a five foot radius.
  8. Shocked (Hard) - Release a region of shock (like a shock grenade) when downed.
  9. Vampirism (Hard) - When taking damage, all enemies around you will begin to heal (Excluding bosses).
  10. Wipeout (Hard) - Every wave, is a boss wave.


  1. Empowered (Easy) - Every 5s you spend in Venom you gain a +10% damage boost. Ends when exiting Venom.
  2. Chain-Gang (Hard) - All members are tied together, and cannot move if more than 10ft apart each (total space of 30ft).
  3. Burst (Hard) - Everytime an ally goes down, the Venom moves up 10ft.
  4. Fashionably Late (Hard) - The Venom will begin 30ft ahead of you.
  5. Grinding Halt (Hard) - The final doors close half as fast.
  6. Birthday Cake (Fun) - Every headshotted enemy will release confetti and sparklers.
  7. Supercharged (Easy) - Gain a x2 Speed Boost when in Venom that lasts 100s.
  8. Crazy Train (Easy) - All active rounds electrocute enemies.
  9. Mapman (Easy) - All enemies are permanently on the map.
  10. Ironman (Easy) - Every member gains a secondary Ability, Lizzie’s Silverback with bleeding Tri-Shots, Lizzie herself will gain Mac’s Shield.

These are just my ideas. Add more if you feel like it. Mainly I’m bored during this quarantine (Don’t know if you’ve noticed but I’ve been active recently),


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Reminds me of the good ol’ Grunt birthday party skull in Halo. Where headshotting them has a kids cheering sound with confetti flying around. Did you take inspiration from it? Some good memories from that like driving around in a Scorpion and firing a 90mm high explosive shell at a Grunt and seeing it get headshotted by it in Halo 1 or 2.

I would like to suggest a fun/easy skull to double explosive radius. Ala Boom in Halo 1 or 2, it would result in some funny moments when a grenade landed next to you. Or if you had a skull enabled that made Grunts explode upon their death, that was also fun.

I think Cole gets some sort of ability like one of your suggestions where he leaves a trail of fire on the ground though.


Direct inspiration.

And I think Cole’s ability is more like the “Comet” mutator from Gears 3.

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Sensu Bean: any thrown nades will heal your allies in blast radius, including from DBNO
Metalmen: Cursing at the enemies through your mic instantly stuns any robot type enemies
Android: Never lose ammo, never have to reload

Ultra instinct: Enemies will have much much greater evasion skills.
Kale: Matriarchs jump around the map at 3x speed and only jump and smash
Golden Freeza: Enemies get an absurd nonsensical boost in health and damage.


I feel like I’m missing out on a bunch of references but the only word I recognize is Freeza.

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I mainly just wanted to rant about his power boost in the recent series/movies.


I’m not a fan but I can understand the concept. It makes an issue for me in Star Wars.

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I, uh, may have a few ideas :sweat_smile:

-All enemies can cloak a la hunters
-No health regeneration except by melee attacks
-Survival Instinct—Enemies dive out of the way of your attacks instead of bot-walking at you
-Enemies become immune to COG weapons
-Zombies—Enemies fully revive once upon first death
-Cursed—Players take increased damage for each unit they’ve killed, can lift “curse” by reviving a teammate
-Plague—enemy units have a plague that infects whoever kills it, spreads to teammates and slowly chips away at their health
-Fog of war—reduced visibility from fog over battlefield
-Endless horde—no pause between waves
-Doubled or tripled number of enemies
-Micro transactions—you can buy upgraded versions of regular weapons at the cost of a permanent health decrease
-Scavenger (horde)—players spawn with only a knife and can’t buy weapons from the fabricator
-Enemies gain control of your fortifications when they are destroyed


-Inspiration—OG delta characters grant increased stats to teammates
-Infinite ammo
-Endless ultimates—instant recharge of ultimates
-Explosive death—your body explodes when you die


They’re all Dragon Ball, don’t worry, lol.


As a homage to early shooters, how about Big Head mode; and Paintball mode?


Those are almost all terrible ideas for anything other than a laugh.

But don’t you want to have fun and laugh? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Laughing AT as opposed to laughing with… there’s a distinct difference.

Rename that to “Creeping Death”.

This, always fun to have.

I have a few, quality may vary.

1.) Griffin Arms - Imulsion based rounds (gunfire mimics the Drudge mutated arm fire from Gears 3)

2.) Bloodbath - Gears 1 chainsaw blood geysers return and everyone gets soaked quicker.

3.) YEEHAH! - Everyone gets Dizzy’s hat.

4.) The Big Game - COG gets Cole’s Thrashball Helmets, and Swarm get the Thrashball Drone’s helmet.

5.) Android Army - COG’s voices become the Deebee’s voice lines, with different models at random (example: Marcus gets the Deebee voice and Kait getting the DR-1 Protector voice). When you die you get the Deebee death noises.

6.) Skating Rink - You have added momentum depending on how you stopped and Cover Slide distance is increased by 300%


These are just modifiers in a video game, not a comedy act. Get real.

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Griffin Arms and Skating Rink sound like they should be in the Easy category. Imagine actually dealing Imulsion damage.


I was just thinking purely cosmetic similar to a paintball mod, but that’d be cool.

And I dunno, that super slide might work against you if you’re locked in lol


TC doesn’t like the players having fun so this won’t happen.

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