Bring back Maps

Will we ever see maps like Jacinto, Pavilion or River again? Those were some of the best maps in Gears 2. Highly missed for sure…Any takers???MansionJacintoTyro%20StationSubwayStasisRuinsPavilionRiver


Not in Gears 4. Maybe 5.

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That will depend upon whether those maps can work in Gears 5, particularly with the competitive modes.

Thats a shame and a long time to wait…

I would’ve loved Mansion


Jacinto was pretty competitive but Pavilion and River were fairly small. They would work great for core or social.

Well Tc stop making new maps for gears 4 but they migt come in hopefully in gears 5 if not then definitely in gears 2 ultimate edition.

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Maybe in Gears of War 5.
By the way, what’s the third Map?
I think that was in Gears of War 2, but forgot the name.

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I would love lesser known maps to return in Gears 5 that I think could work better with the newer mechanics and possible redesigned layouts like Old Bones, Haven, Gold Rush and River. They have to work with the gameplay though. That was why Gridlock was not in Judgement and Blooddrive was completely redesigned for that game.

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Yeah, anyone remember this one?


River is my favorite Gears Map. Gas station would be great as well.


Yeah, Aftermath. It’s kinda big though, not sure if suitable with ring based game modes like KOTH and Escalation.

River - Ruins - Process - Depths - Trenches - Garden - SubWay

This map it was station something, is the one where the train can kill you right? I forgot the name too but it was a good map too.

@Sgtoblu3dyl0nMX Way Station was the one with train.

Yes I remember that one, it has the hammer of dawn in the train line you can access some stairs I remember that one, from gears 1 and 2

That was Tyro Station. Great map. Way Station was in Gears 2. Had minecarts in the middle but no train that could splat you. Tyro Station had the train.

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That must be it, I got confused there.

Agreed… I went back and posed some pic to the original post and realized there are alot more maps I would love to see again!

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Tyro Station would be cool, i’d like Streets or Haven tbh