Bring back KOTH

Why take out one of the most played game modes koth for control? Whose idea was that fire that group. Versus is now boring. Really good at losing fans but cant keep regulars satisfied.


Id like to ask why

Control you can’t camp a small ring, control spawns, & lancer for 3 rounds.

Rings so huge on control that it’s not easily set up to coordinate a lancer.

You have to go look for the person breaking the ring & trial by combat to contest for points.

Breaks/Caps are instant.

Why do you prefer king over control is my question , other than it’s been on the game for a decade.

control should stay 4v4, best of one

then bring back koth 5v5 best of three

we dont want koth back in 4v4 form

if redundancy is a problem, then keep the mode with the most players. i honestly think we should have both since they are different enough and we are literally getting every game mode back as the game dies down…so why not koth?

so really, whatever mode is better or worse does not matter at all. completely irrelevant.


All the people who support the return of koth 5v5 is because we have a history in that mode, and it is not about that, but we have fun in that mode after a day of hard work and we have done so for many years, many years ago, I really hope TC returned koth 5v5, I will be supporting this move for as long as it takes, we just can’t be forced to play a game mode that we don’t like at all.


Agreed. Bring it back.