Bring back king of the hill to quickplay & 5vs5

So, Not Everyone Wants To Play Ranked To Play KOTH. And I’m That Person And I’m Sure There’s Many More People Out There That Just Want A Quick Play Match Of KOTH & Not A Ranked One. Why Did You Replace It With The Game Mode Control? Just Bring Back KOTH To Quick Play. Second Of All, Games Feel Lousy And Boring Now, This Is Mainly Because Of The Removal Of 5 V 5. Why Have You Made It 4 V 4. Matches Feel So Boring Now. I Used To Enjoy This Game, And Now, I Don’t Even Know What To Say,


You do like caps


Wow reading that was like a fever dream…And what are you talking about? People like Control, let them rotate the playlist a bit.


It’s nice to see caps in some form in a King of the Hill thread.


Then don’t play ranked koth?

Because it’s 10x better than koth

We’ve been over this, several times on fact lol

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Control is garbage on quickplay.

Bots are stupid.

Teammates are dumb and charge the hill by themselves and this is exacerbated due to the way respawns work. It’s just a terrible mode without having communication.


At least ppl who quit matches in KOTH quickplay won’t do the same now in Ranked :man_shrugging:

your clearly a new player to Gears :rofl:, mate I’ve been playing the game gears of war since gears of war 2, and nothing’s been more of a mess than this one. Never Ever has king of the hill been removed from quickplay, I don’t understand why they did thus, and control is trash.

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For me it’s not only lack of modes & 4v4 but the tuning.

Never in my existence has a game built up the mechanics for over a decade just to revert back.

If they just open up squads, modes, & faster tuning im sure people will come back.

The content this game makes is pretty cool. I’ve always been a fan of their content even if this current gears isn’t all that dark.

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I’ve been playing since gears 2 as well. Please don’t use how long you’ve been playing this game as an argument. It doesn’t make you valid.

By the looks of the community, people like control, so I’d suggest you play a different game mode for once, or better yet, just play control


What is it with this forum and paragraphs ?
I’m not reading walls of texts anymore, even if there is a lot of periods.

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There’s periods, but half the time there’s no commas or semi-colons. Just run on sentences everywhere.

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For me Control is a lot better than KOTH and judging by the reception the mode has had so far, I wouldn’t be surprised if next season it replaces king on ranked.

It plays differently, the need to have one player in the ring, the size, the surprise when it goes neutral and you don’t see your opponent, it all adds to something I am truly enjoying. The respawns could be a little longer but overall it plays fine with 4v4.


Replace Control with Koth and the sentence is still true.
That is quickplay to you.

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I absolutely hope control replaces koth


The games almost out of the top 50.

Just got knocked down 2 spots today.

At this point they should just have a separate tuning with a ranked jumble of king, dodgeball, grid iron, tdm, guardian all thrown in that allows 5stacks.

That way we can settle this time waiting stuff & people can play on a tuning of preference.

I rather them just throw tdm, king, dodgeball, grid iron & guardian in a ranked playlist & it changes every game.

Instead of trying to be creative people just want the basic needs.

Can be called ranked “action pack” with fast tuning.

The people would appreciate it.

Also, that would slowly build trust with the community & population growth.

Once population is back we can then separate the modes or just keep it if reception is overwhelmingly positive.

100% Agree with OP. I have played Gears and been a BIG fan since the beginning. I love horde and KOTH. I play split screen with my brother. We’ve both been tearing ■■■■ up in KOTH for years. First you got rid of split-screen ranked. Then you removed the 5th player. And then you returned the bots (the one good thing you’ve done recently Coalition).

I’m SO glad I didn’t have to buy this game as I use game pass. It’s a POS now. Things were looking up recently but with the changes I mentioned it’s now a POS.

I haven’t been on this forum in years but I had to just to vent my frustration and disappointment in this game.

If your goal was to lose sales, then good job. Because until things are fixed, I won’t be buying anymore gears. And I bought and loved Gears 4, but this game is just terrible now.

Rant over.

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My favorite punctuation

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Right :man_shrugging:

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