Bring Back Hoffman

Anyone know when they are Bringing Col. Hoffman to multiplayer? He’s my favorite character and I was spoiled in Gears 4 using my Black Steel Hoffman.


We don’t talk about future content



■■■■ that you earned that ■■■■, Black steel had no guarantees until like the 7th supporter pack and a for sure with Thanksgiving 2018

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It was pack 3 I believe that guaranteed a character. Still was shi tty what they did with those

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Not gonna be easy since his VA from what I hear doesn’t do much voice work anymore.

Love for the project can get anyone back. Look at John marstons VA in RDR. He retired after the first game because he didn’t want to be a VA but still came back for rdr2. Also TC can just reuse voice lines like they’ve been doing. Emotes are useless anyway

It’s for the PvP aspects and certain new dialogue in multiplayer. Besides, I think Hoffman’s VA doesn’t voice much due to health reasons. Just listen to him in the Arcade trailer. He sounds horrible.

Wheelchair Hoffman would be badass


If they are bringing back Hoffman, then there is absolutely no reason why we couldn’t have Dizzy to.


I think it was from pack 6 and onwards (when the numbers of characters was reduced from 5 to 3).

Pack 3 began to guarantee an Epic card per pack, but not characters.


I was Hoffman since Gears 1 and all other Gears, (barring Judgment) so hopefully he appears soon!


He’ll be back in time.

I’d very much like it if he could replace Jinn as the Announcer for the COG as well. She’s seriously annoying.

I understand. Just missing him.