Bring Back Gondola for Gears 5!

Am I the only one who wants this map back? I fully expect that I am. I doubt any Gears Judgement map would ever come back as those maps had an emphasis on vertical design and were massive.

An unpopular map is always brought back in Gears games (Rustlung in 4, Escalation in 3). Lets make Gondola the unpopular map that returns.

One can dream on Gondola though.

Its very unlikely we will see any judgment based maps return because it was too big and was asymmetrical in nature while Gears maps was always symmetrical in nature.

Unless they remagine Gondola in a completely different way, then dont expect it to ever return tbh.

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I think it would probably need a major redisgn, I just really want to ride the gondola again. Maybe eliminate one of the three gondola stops.

I feel even then, the map would still be huge. It needs a significant downsizing for it to even remotely to work.

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