Bring back genuine MVP!

Please bring back MVP for player with most points. Recent change is F*^#%-up!!



We need #GenuineMVP


Bring back the supposed « BANG » annouced yesterday… lol


Bring back “The best player gets MVP”

But unfortunately that will never happen. We are talking about developers who think rank should be based on how crappy your team is. Besides your actual skill.


What about the “feel good” TC wants to create. We wouldn’t wanna set that back do we?

~ I’m be sarcastic btw~



I was against this new mvp system at first but now I think I fully embrace it. It’s more fair to whoever help win his team and to some extent some kind of gratification for those who still carry a sub-par team to victory

There’s good logic behind it, you win a game just for the victory screen to go to someone else who might’ve just started farming kills when the game was already lost for them?

afaik they shifted the score a little more towards personal performance so losing while still being the one with the highest score isn’t that bad anymore
after the latest tuning I’ve managed to lose with 0 overall points or even going positive


As someone who benefitted from it yesterday, while actually being the 3rd (out of the 10) “best” player of the game I wholeheartedly disagree… :blush::wink:

… Actually at OP you may well be right :+1: to be honest I was over the moon not coming last as I seem to occupy that position all to often on Gears 5!!!

What I do say is bring back 300 points for rings, this is my bread and butter.


Oh come on! At least an A.I. enemy can be an MVP! :crazy_face:


I believe they will bring it back. It is just a “hotfix” to their repeated attempts to make people understand the ranking system. They dont want people saying, “but i got mvp,” if they lost. There is a way to understand the ranking system but perhaps it is too complex for the average player.

“No respect” ribbon is still genuine points leader so…

There must have been a lot of quitters in that match

It was Versus A.I. :slightly_smiling_face:

The change was great imo, no more lone wolves just running around killing enemies outside of objective, then the team losing and that dude getting a damn medal, the change means that players are further encouraged to actually win instead of just boost kills or play uncompetitively.


That’s actually awesome lol. Ai needs to have a genuine MVP emote that rubs it in.

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So was i. At first I didn’t like it. Untill recently I seen a player go off on opposite team actually have 10k more points than the next closest player, and they actually lost. 1 cap no breaks(KOTH). When I seen that I realized he didn’t do one thing to help his team win. Sure racking up kills but death’s don’t matter in KOTH. Never once tried to defend the hill or take the hill. Plus using the rev 9 doesn’t deserve a MVP.


I thought you meant the Cole Train MVP skin…

I like the change - makes players prioritise winning aswell as placing top.

If you aren’t getting MVP, I take it you spend more time on the losing team. It is what it is


I like it the way it is.

I don’t want MVP if I lose…


Yeah think I prefer the winning team to have the MVP. Gives a further incentive to play the objective


I dont understand how caps/breaks tell you how impactful a player is in a game of koth. Nothing annoys me more when all 4 players start capping one ring instead of setting up a lancer cross or playing for a power weapon. You can play a really good support role and the scoreboard won’t show it. TC also said caps and breaks do not matter as much as kills do when they look at the data.

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They also said they wanted to increase the number of points for caps and breaks