Bring back gears 4 stats page!

For the people who don’t enjoy gears 5 (85%) of us… bring back the stat pages for previous games, Is it really hurting yall that bad that you guys had to take them down?

I want to know my progression rank throughout the games.
You can check ranked progression in game on gear 4, so people who care actually monitor it from time to time.

why are TC affiliates and developers so carefree as to what goes on in this community of players, its disgusting.


Dude, same. WTF y’all.

What “stat” page are you guys talking about exactly, I don’t remember too much of gears 4…

There used to be a stats page where you could look at the rank and % in all modes, and where you placed in different seasons. You could also look at your ribbons, social leaderboards and Horde leaderboards.

I believe you could also change the page to look at your stats from other Gears games as well.

Then TC rather lowkey just got rid of it, and the Gears 4 online store/inventory customisation. We got a solution for people wanting to create multiple skill cards at a time, then a year later it was gone.

I’ve never checked out that part of the game, I’m not sure why…

It’s definitely good at tracking important stuff.

Couldn’t agree with you more…

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They need to bring back the gow2 style war journal. As well as the post match results/leaderboard thing.