Bring back gears 4 movement mechanics

4s movement mechanics was far superior then 5s in 5 the back a doesnt work properly so doesnt the up a shots just go behind players even though you are facing
The game is terrible and by far worse then judgement this game has overtaken judgement in its crapness
Also they should bring the gears 4 smoke back the current one lasts too long and is annoying in koth



They broke Up + A’s in 4 too.

They used to work so, so well.

I remember Impact Dark, could sit in certain places and UpA for so, so many kills!!!

The TC broke it :expressionless:

Same for Health Regen.

Should always Regen when not being shot.


I didnt play for the last bit of 4 i stopped playing a few weeks after everything was craftable

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They broke UpA’s long before then and changed the Health Regen in the final or second to last change I believe.

Either way,

I still prefer Gears 5 overall.

Core & Mechanics wise it’s the best.

Just needs to be sped up, less buggy and have what every Gears game needs,

Better / More Consistent Hit Detection.