Bring back gears 4 micro transaction system

I feel like the gears 5 store is a complete bust. I know the game just released so I shouldn’t expect much right now, but honestly I can’t see this system being any good in the future. I’d rather spend 20 bucks on packs that gave me a bunch of items (even if it’s not what I wanted) rather than spending 20 bucks on ONE item then waiting 15 days for the next. In gears 4 grinding for credits wasn’t that bad so you could easily stack up and splurge on skins. But in gears 5 iron seems scarce and it forces you to drop cash. I’m not a fan.


TC basically made an example of those who cried foul because of the credit system. Now they made it more of a grind to achieve iron and they are saying open your wallets and buy Iron if you want skins now. Those who wanted to get rid of the credits won’t admit this whole Iron system is their fault now.


Hopefully they make a change to the store by either reducing item prices or implementing new ways to earn iron. They managed to save the gears 4 store after release (that sxit was a nightmare), so fingers crossed they can do the same here.

What is wrong with grinding for skins? do you just want them to give you all skins? lol

If skins were easy for everyone to get, no one would use them. People like to use the hard to unlock skins to show off. As do I. I still don’t get why people ALWAYS complain about skins being too hard to get. In fact, they should make it harder.

Please do not bring back the RNG system…it made skins feel so useless and boring. I would rather show off a rare skin that I unlocked rather than a skin that EVERYONE has. Pull your head in.

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Im sorry but people wanted a fair system… not worse than the previous grind


Oh GOD no! Why on earth would you prefer gambling to outright purchases? No single item on the current store costs 20 bucks. The 20 dollar packs feature multiple skins and emotes bundled along. How you could say “I’d rather spend 20 bucks and not get what I want than spend 20 and get what I want” is beyond me.

Someone bring back OP’s brain, seem to have run away.

This whole system is worse than the credits.


Yep it is

Just keep Iron as a premium currency to allow us to buy what we want and give us loot crates only purchasable with scrap that have store stuff in it. Best of both worlds in my opinion.


It’s less of a an in game grind and more of your 9-5 grind to obtain skins in gears 5. The iron system they’ve implemented doesn’t need you to grind in game but to purchase the currency with real money. They’ve pretty much removed a way to solely grind out skins without using money. Even their ToD “free” skin grind is connected to their iron system.

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Honestly the best solution I’ve heard so far

I didn’t really offer a solution but highlighted how TC is trying to minutiae the game at the players expense. I don’t mind micro transactions or loot boxes, but when they are the prominent source of gathering skins you want then it’s a little unsettling.

I have thought of some implementations they could add however.