Bring back Execution

Bring back Execution!!! Wanna make Gears Great Again… Only ranked Game mode you can play is King of the Hill… TDM is only a 2 party stacked lol…they took out Escalation and Guardian from ranked…None of the developers listen to Gears fanatics that play this game Everyday!!! They don’t care!!! Execution and Warzone are Gears of War!!! Bring back all Gears Ultimate Edition Maps


Yeah it was great to see when I was finally pro in escalation and finally getting to masters solo they nuked it out of the game, stats included, thanks TC

The devs are so stupid, execution was a staple of this franchise! My friend and i finally got this game together and could not be more let down. And dodgeball was one of our favorites on gears 4, BRING THEM BACK (at least execution). It will only help you…Take out guardian for all i care, I understand they have to worry about servers and players but dang.

Sign this petition everyone

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They took out execution because of the playlist low population