Bring back execution!

TC really needs to bring back Execution. They will regain more gears fans. They need to keep a category for competitive players!


Execution was an option before. Not enough players populated the playlist. So it was taken out as to not separate the playerbase further. If you want it to stay then you have to consistently play it.

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Even if it has a small population, they should bring it back. It’s wrong not to be at least an option. It doesn’t get more classic and og than execution.

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Why though? If there’s a small population that just leads to long queue times and still splitting the playerbase. There’s no need for it. It’d be fine in custom matches but it shouldn’t be in matchmaking. Don’t get me wrong, I love execution. The problem is that people don’t follow up on their promise. All this “We want execution back!” then TC puts execution in and nobody plays it lmao. If you want it back you have to show TC there’s a consistent playerbase for it to have it’s own dedicated playlist.

The only solution I see is put it in a social playlist with other modes like they did by mixing gridiron/koth in the same social playlist.


Yes! Bring it back! It should always be in every Gears game!

Multiplayer basically died for me when they removed Execution

How didn’t it already? I could NEVER find a match the times I tried… no matter what point in the day it was either.

Be prime hours, 10 minutes goes by, I shrug and switch to Guardian… finds a lobby before I can even set my controller down.

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Agreed it was hard to find matches so maybe it should come back as a classic execution quickplay playlist first. Then ranked if ppl play it enough.

But to completly remove it(except custom) is unforgivable

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And yet they still removed guardian lmfao

At least it’s back but it was always so populated, why remove it to start lol


I agree, everything not in ranked should have it’s own consolidated (not vote bs, just vote map) list in quickplay that includes Dodgeball and Arms Race as well… and I’m not even a big fan of AR lol it’s decent but meh… just saying let people play what they want to play… not popular enough for Ranked, fine, but at least let people play anything they want. The only mode that sucks to be in quickplay with bots is my beloved Guardian… I mean I’ll still love it and be happy as sh*t if they gave it a consilidated list… the only drag would be the bots… especially when your leader is a bot… lol. If they did put it in its own list on quickplay it’d be better if it was exactly how it is now in the event… ala no bots.


Didn’t they a classic execution quickplay playlist just recently? Like 2-3 weeks before OP3 ended? Based on what they said in the stream… Not many people played it :confused:

Really? I dont watch the streams but it felt like a lot of people were playing. Thats a shame.

Maybe its time to admit the gears I want isn’t the gears that the majority want.

Quickplay is a little deceiving, honestly, because of how the player rotation works you’re kinda trapped in a bubble. You may start with a team of 5v5, then one person drops off your team after the first game & another is added. Then no one drops after the second game but they shuffle the players, then one person drops after the third. To you, it would seem like all three were filled games, but that’s only eleven people.

In ranked, you’d need a fresh 10 people every game, since they don’t put you against the same players after each game. Thus, you’d need 30 people for this same three games. :man_shrugging:t4: Only they would have the data on numbers

Yeah thats true but I usually quit a lobby after a few matches and search for another. Just to mix it up a bit. Had no problem finding new matches. But I see what you are saying.

Execution might not work in ranked anymore but I still want a quickplay playlist with Execution or Execution/Warzone. If we are only a few ppl playing that, let us play it. Otherwise we will probably just quit MP or even the game altogether.

Well they’re working on TDM to reintroduce it with new features. I’m thinking maybe next week? Or for the latest, before the preseason ends. I dunno if that would appease you at all?

No sorry i hate tdm and blame it for killing off modes like execution and warzone.

Thanks for the info anyway :slight_smile:

Bring back warzone


You know, The OG game mode


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