Bring back every weapon ever!

Or at least just the scorcher, ink grenade, mortar, sawed-off?
I get the explanation of why they were taken out of the game because the war ended, but at this point I don’t see why they all can’t make it back into the picture.

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They’ve never stuck to canon when it comes to multiplayer, but I’d assume the removed weapons were taken out because of balancing issues.

Or some weapons being very similar to each other.

For example the Boltok, Breechshot and Markza all have alot of similarities. I wouldn’t have all three of them in the game.

I reckon around 15-16 weapons is the sweet spot. Anymore and the game gets a bit too cluttered. Thing is TC have limted starting weapons anyway for competitive / balancing reasons, so eveything else will be pickup so people will use them alot less. Some weapons as it is are rarely used (from what I can see).

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I get that the competitive community will only want gnasher and lancer balances, but everyone i know who ive talked to said they miss the gears 3 loadout option and the other weapons that were removed. I can understand that there wouldnt be a need to bring the digger back when there is a dropshot etc, but I honestly think that the majority of people would love to see all the weapons back.

I agree to a point about starting weapon choices. I was annoyed when they removed the Hammerburst as a starting weapon. If they wanted to limit it as a starting weapon for certain modes, then I could accept that. But to remove it altogether felt like a step too far. I gather that some fans complained that coordinated teams could easily team fire using multiple HB’d and down and kill people in seconds from long distances, especially in TDM or other kill-focused modes. Perhaps it should be available as a starter for modes that use execution rules and/or non-kill-score based modes like KOTH?

But it’s always a vocal noisy minority who will moan. The squeaky wheel gets the oil!

With regard to other weapons I guess it becomes a balancing issue and ensuring that weapons offer something different enough to what is already around. The Scorcher is different and unique enough so I’d definitely like to see that back. But say, the Breechshot - I wouldn’t because it’s so similar to the Boltok and Markza as it is.

I am drawing a blank when you say breechshot. What is that and what game is it from?

Judgment. Semi-auto sniper that couldn’t zoom in at all but could one hit headshot. Had something like 5 shots in a clip.

It’s from Judgment. It’s that Locust scopeless sniper rifle. There’s a blade attached to it as well. It was a 4 or 5 shot semi-automatic weapon. Mostly used by the Ragers. Apparently it was a Locust modification of the Markzas.

Ohhh now i member. Thanks

I don’t agree I think it is the minority are the ones who wanted to bring back multiple weapon load outs, imo. The reason I am favor of everyone having standard starting weapons lancer/gnasher is bc it promotes skill and not situational skill. I think the main problem with the weapon load out of Gears 3 was the fact that the Retro Lancer and Sawed-off were more on the lines of power weapons. Thankfully they nerfed the Sawed-off, but damn if that Retro was not broken as hell… In Gears 2 you could choose between the hammer burst and lancer, but no one complained bc only a minority of people used the hammer burst (Including myself) But the lancer and hammer burst were more balanced in Gears 2.
Also bring back the scorcher so I can execute some people!!!

You might be right about the gnasher and lancer promoting skill and balance, however it is so stale and not even fun anymore. It has been 13 years of the same thing over and over again. It is LONG past due for variety. I dont think balancing would be that hard. Its just gnasher people who complain about the retro or sawed off because its different from what they are used to, so automatically dismiss it as overpowered.

Thats actually not remotely true at all… The Retro Lancer had to be nerfed to balance the rifles better, specifically in the beta you could blind fire the retro without any consequence… That thing was brutal!!! The Retro was by far in another class and simply over-powered hence why they nerfed it and added the kickback/recoil, it made blind firing the thing impossible. They had to nerf the Retro bc it was so OP and broken, not bc of fans complaining. As for the Saw-off it was pretty strong at first, but they tweaked it, specifically by shortening the distance and making it unable to down people, all or nothing basically. I was surprised they nerfed the sawed-off, bc it wasn’t that OP, not like the Retro.

But for skill reasons I would still prefer the Retro to just be a pick up weapon like in Gears 4.
As for having different starting weapons for the sake of variety or bc the starting weapons are becoming stale I completely understand and is a valid point, They should have more game modes like Arms-Race for this reason or maybe just have rank have the Lancer and Gnasher as starting weapons like in Gears 4.

It’s bolt action, not semi-auto.