Bring back Escalation

That is all…

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Somebody delete this thread.

That is all.

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You seem like a TDM kind of guy lol. Your right, let’s just keep the mindless running and gunning koth mode in. Like so fun takes such skill and thought process

Only if it’s the GOW4 version. The GOW5 is really bad in my opinion.


Yes, it does to an extent. Escalation is tedious as a whole. Constant delays and waiting in between rounds.

It’s not missed by a lot of people, I can guarantee that.

just asked “where’s escalation” in the tdm thread lol

i wasn’t a fan of the new escalation rules and new format, but i’d play it over the current rank modes

This, I completely agree. It’s either gridiron or the constant running and gunning koth, that’s it. Really? Absolutely no diversity. Either the Devs are idiots or the player base is incredibly low

Escalation was just another mode that split the player base, when it was never needed and it was never any good.

a whole pro circuit centered around escalation took place in different cities and countries with thousands of viewers and hundreds of pros… it literally kept gears 4 afloat and created a constant stream of new players…

Bring back judgement escalation. That was far better than KOTH.

Bring back escalation and make fastest slide speed.

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I think alL modes should be playable even though escalation is boring as ■■■■