Bring back center screen shooting

Just because you dont see these people dosen’t mean they dont exist, almost a large half of the gears community dont support barrel aiming. This was one of the main issues people wanted fixed waaay back then sense gears 2.But you have people that quickly want to silence those people because they dont want TC to pick up the idea to actually using skill instead of randomly flocking your camera and shooting your gun hoping to kill your target.

I didn’t say they didn’t exist.

You have to remember a forum is a place that mostly complainers will go to.

In no way do I think this game is a success. There is so much wrong with it and I want a lot fixed. But the barrel aiming isn’t hurting me in any way so it’s definitely at the bottom of the list of things I think need adjustment.

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It not about what YOU like only you see how you just maked it a personal thing? So basically what you’re saying is if YOU dont like the idea of adding center screen shooting then everybody else has to feel the same as you,Give me a a legit reason why center screen shooting shouldn’t be in the game?

Why do we now need centre screen shooting again ? Makes the game more noob friendly.

Center screen shooting is very easily exploited. It would lead to a lot of BS deaths that when people bring the killcam up, it will show them aiming the other way with their character model.

If people haven’t adjusted to barrel aiming by now, then I doubt they ever will. And adjusting to center aim wont make anything better. Barrel aiming increases the skill gap, and when the bullet magnetism is like it is, putting it to center aim reduces the skill gap even further.


Definitely not, back packing will be back again and who wants that?

“Center screen shooting is very easily exploited” well i can say the same for air bouncing+ reaction shooting where you get BS deaths and people easily exploit it.You go get BS regardless of any game you play.And besides they fixed alot of that stuff back in ultimate edition.Barrel aimming is one of the main things that hurting this game,it inconsistent and it put you in a disadvantage in lot of shot gun battles especially if sombody is to fare to your left side of screen your going to lose that battle 9/10 where center screen shooting you can prevent that.

Not everything should be a toggle, as offering a more broken option as a toggle choice can have significant impacts on the meta.

This isn’t a single player game. The choices available to you have externalities. It’s why I hope aim assist is consistently lowered across the board in Gears 5 in a future update, and not simply added as a toggle option.

Why not? The community been putting up with yall ideas for the last 6 years,and it haven’t done any good for the last previous gears.So it safe to say it time to try something new and different. Adding center screen shooting would make a good impact,it would make both sides happy.and besides if you compare barrel aiming and center screen amming ,center screen has barrel aiming beat by a large margin.And i think thats why people so quick to silence agents center screen shooting because they know if the idea ever get implemented in the game,they will have trouble and get outclassed and in some cases get embarrassed by people playing in center screen option.

But does it really? I rather think shots coming out of the barrel makes the game more noob friendly because it introduces randomness: You have total control over where the center of your screen is but you do not over where the barrel of your shotgun aims.

In my opinion center screen shooting is superior. It’s more intuitive (I bet most players don’t know shots actually come out of the barrel and instead assume center screen shooting), and it gives you more control over where your shots land. Just as any gameplay mechanic should be: Easy to learn, hard to master.

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I mean all opinions ofc but learning where the shots come out from barrel in relation to where your enemy is takes more skill than knowing that soon as the middle of your screen lines up with someone and you pull the trigger than boom,

It depends. Barrel shooting requires spending more time “learning” the game as you have to learn where your barrel aims in a given situation (especially when going out of cover), albeit there always will be some randomness to it, especially because of flinching. Whereas center screen aiming taxes your basic aiming skills more, i.e. getting the crosshairs (or center screen) onto the enemy as quickly and as precisely as possible.

I think games should always be easy to pick up and be self-explanatory. Get your crosshairs (or the center screen) onto your enemy, shoot, target hit, good job. I don’t care much for realism or arcane and hard to learn game play mechanics.

But I respect if people view it differently and I don’t think that there is a huge difference between the outcomes with barrel shooting and center screen shooting in Gears. Mostly blind fire shots go to the center of your screen, even with barrel shooting, anyway.

Centre screen shooting is not new or different considering it was in gears 1 and UE, the problem with the toggle is that people will instantly want it off and people with centre screen shooting will be able to do things that people with barrel shooting can’t and vice versa, therefore it will make it an unbalanced playing field which is not what we want as everyone has been asking for a balanced one, so in a game it has to be one or the other I’m afraid and not both.

Plus centre screen shooting makes it easier to play, who wants to be easier to play? Gears should be a game you have to learn and master, not something anyone can jump into and play even though it’s kinda like that with what it is happening with the crazy heavy weapons and making weapons more powerful to make it easier anyway.


Well i can say the same for barrel amming it can do things that that center screen shooting cant do, (air bouncing/ reaction shoot) witch is a load of sh%t if you ask me.And besides it just proves how inferior barrel aiming is to center screen shooting.with Center screen shooting you have a larger Variety of ways protecting your self in close to close combat.With barrel aimming you’re only limited of what you can do in close combat.If the enemy is to fare to the left,you are pretty much dead 9/10.Because all of your shots is coming from the right side of your character (if you not hard aimming) witch is unrealistic btw… Plus barrel shotty battles is nothing more of 30% skill and 70% generated luck,i want to earn my kills based on skill not luck… And why would you want the aimming system difficult when the game is already difficult as it is??? Is it because you get out played when it comes to center screen shooting and have a better chance of not dying when it comes to barrel aiming?:thinking:

Well backpacking people is a load of sh%@ too, and as far as skill is concerned I know we all have our different opinions but I just think hip firing someone with centre screen shooting is a lot easier as all you have to do is make sure they are in the middle of your screen but barrel aiming you have to be more precise,

The entire argument for going back to center screen aiming has done nothing but reinforce that it takes skill and technique to become well adept and good with barrel aiming game play. All the way down to having to think about left hand advantage and playing a logical and methodical game of weapon and position chess. Usually within seconds.

That aside, from a technical standpoint, you will not be able to toggle or otherwise have 2 different firing mechanics. That’s bonkers.

Switching from 1st person to 3rd person (which won’t happen in gears anyway) is not the same as completely different firing mechanics.


Good post, agreed, barrel also adds another layer of depth and thought to the gameplay.

If you want center screen shooting you can hard aim all day.

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I do hard aim all day… Lmao

99.5% of all my shots

I popshot more than I should whether I want to or not lol