Bring back center screen shooting

Like seriously bring back center screen shooting,have it where you can go into settings and it gives you the option to either shoot from an illogical angle (barrel aimming) or shoot in the middle of your tv. Because lot of people not feeling this whole aiming out the barrel system thing yall trying to force everybody to accept. If Pubg can add first person shooter and 3rd person shooter together,then i know The Coalition can add barrel and center screen shooting together.and besides we been dealing with the whole barrel aiming sense gears 2 and it didnt make gears better if anything it made it much worse.One thing i like about gears judgement that it had it back then witch is crazy that the best aiming system choice is on one of the worst gears thats been made.

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No, definitely not.

Center Screen shooting was ok in 1 but it’s counter-intuitive.


Thats why i said have it be an option cause i know people like you go be quick to discredit the idea

I don’t think it’s something TC can offer as a quick toggle …

Yeah they can,they do it all the time

I hate barrel fire in Gears only because of the flinch stuff, which makes it feel super inconsistent. I’d rather they go center screen or turn off flinching.


Ah ok,

My bad,

Changing the entire way of shooting must be possible via a toggle :+1:

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Should only flinch when you’re down down to last 50% or less health.

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You’re not changing anything your adding it a difference…and besides if pubg can add both first person and 3rd person the coalition can add barrel and center screen.

I’d like the flinch to be based on weapon type, and distance. It always seemed complete nonsense to me that you can be holding a shotgun point blank and your shot supposedly goes that far astray. Ridiculous. However, if you’re pulling back on a bow and/or shooting at a distance, that makes much more sense.

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I agree for sure.

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I don’t think it will happen.

Well the coalition needs to do something because there ship is sinking really really really fast,because as you can see on the fourms,people already talking about returning the game already,and half it is due to them not listening to there fans about really good ideas that the fans try to give them,and also due to them implementing installments that the fans never asked for,

They should also have auto headshots, oh wait…

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I dont understand what you going with this?

That’s a very small amount of players that are complaining. And most of them I don’t even recognize from these forums prior to Gears 5 coming out. There are several forum veterans that are upset but overall a lot are happy to some degree.

No, it’s not perfect. It’s fun though. But The Coalition has a lot of work to do including reducing the aim assist.

Side note - when I hear someone begging for Gears 2 remastered I take their opinion with a grain of salt. We’re talking about the most broken Gears game ever. It may also be top 5 in broken pvp games ever from an inconsistency standpoint.


Just learn where to shoot and you wont get smack

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Barrel shots was when gears truly became amazing tbh. all the new shots you could pull off.


Not only would reverting Gears back to center-screen shooting from the more logical barrel shooting be ridiculous, but it is also impossible to implement as a togglable setting.

Center screen shooting is horrible. Barrel is the way forward :+1: