Bring back big rig dizzy and Aaron griffin as crafterable or purchasable with credits

Big rig dizzy was released back in April or so,griffin as well but many players may have not have gotten the chance to get them as they were probably busy ,it’s been months since the two characters have been put in the store

big rig dizzy maybe but griffin is going to stay a 15$ character i’m afraid

Aaron griffin was never in the store for credits, sure his weapon skin pack was but not the character.

I think he meant Griffin was earnable through in game challenges and that its been months since he been in the store as a paid character.

Op wants to see earnable griffin challenge again, which I too like to see.


TC wont do that because they feel it “undermines those who already earned him for free” just like they wont update esports pack 1-5 to give guaranteed characters because “they don’t want players to feel they were treated differently” or something to those effects i love gears 4 but some of the excuses for the decisions are outrageous

Yh that’s what i meant :joy: