Bring back armored ronin kantus!

Can we have the option to earn or purchase armored ronin kantus again please!?!

I can imagine the outrage if Weeb Kantus came back for coins.


Not going to happen.
Was a General award so you are SOOL

Not gonna happen. :wink:

I kinda figured that but I wasn’t able to play at that time to earn him, he’s easily the dopest character I’ve ever seen on gears and I e played since gears 1. I’d pay 100 bucks for that character if they’d let me :weary::man_shrugging:t2::joy:

I worked hard for him so nu :rage::rage::rage:

I would too brudda

Oh now that would be fantastic.

Bring him back, immediately!

200 GC.


Literally every other skin is better than the Ronin Kantus.

Lieutenant Chutani is nightmare fuel, I’ll take ronin Kantus anyday over that trash.

Just an egg with muscles lol

mr fahz head


Make sure to bring your angry eyes.


The armors amazing but his face…

Why couldn’t it just be armored fahz face with LT Chutani armor?


This instantly reminded me of that Gorillaz’ music clip from the song ‘Dare’. Great, now I have that song stuck in my head all day. Which isn’t a bad thing, so thanks :sweat_smile:

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useless item.never use it in fact.

No. General Reward. Bwahahahahaha!

To many selfish kids and apparently grown men who dont want anybody with a life outside of gears to have a chance to play with content but that’s the world we live in :balance_scale:

I’m curious if you were discussing with yourself.

Also, we live in a world where people feel entitled to be able to just get everything, not earn it. And if not given just throw money into it. The General rewards were easy to obtain any way, you really didn’t need ‘a life outside Gears’ to earn them. I work 40 hours a week, was one time abroad for four weeks and with little effort, perhaps doing the dailies once every two/three days and work towards earning the medals, I still made it to General during that season. You basically needed to avoid playing the game to miss out on the General rewards.

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Did I say it should be given for free?