Bring back Alicia Valera

Can we please get Valera back she was the character i always played in gears 3 and i’ve been waiting too long for TC to bring her back even know they have like 90 reskinned Dom’s and Baird’s and all I ask for is Valera to come out once please let me be heard if anyone see’s this


Valera would be pretty cool, the thing is that she sounds exactly like Kait putting on a Spanish accent since they have the same voice actress. I guess they could recast her, but then would it still feel like the same character from 3?

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I wasn’t the biggest fan of Alicia, but she’s lightyears better than Kait, Lahni and the dookie monster.


I know a lot of people didn’t really like Valera all to much but it’s just frustrating to see a reskinned dom every week in the shop when they could add just a little variety but that’s only me talking idk

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Heh earlier today I commented in another post about wishing we had Alicia Valera. Reyna Diaz would be cool too.

Yeah, Valera & Kait have the same voice actress, but it’s not uncommon for someone to do multiples. Hell, the same guy did all 3 Carmine brothers in GoW3.

I mentioned Valera because the characters I enjoy playing has become more limited since being a Nomad and using a Markza for all these headshots. A lot of the triggered character lines/comments get way too annoying to play lol

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