Bring back 5v5 ASAP

Man… after taking a long break from this game and getting on my series X… what in the world is going on with this game?

How are you going to tell the teams of 5 that have been playing over a decades long worth of gears to play 4s? The gameplay has become so boring/campy I cannot stand it. Pushes for power weapons are so boring and dull. It’s always 2 people going for long shot 2 people go for boom. I’m sick of it to be honest. King of the hill is … SMH. Even when playing quick play now your 5th is a bot? Who’s in charge of this game? It’s sad to see this game die. Even when your teammate quits 3v4? Oh yeah now the game is so empty everyone ends up quitting. I played 4 matches getting someone quitting then everyone just leaves. It’s boring. Gears to me was always a game about chaos.

STOP CHANGING EVERYTHING EVERY OTHER WEEK HOLYYY! There’s probably been over 70 shotgun/movement updates which is why the game is never consistent with the community. One week the shotty is working the next week it’s a peashooter



Yea I agree 4 v 4 is lame.


The OP is 100% correct tho.


Every KOTH hill game is 4v4 with. Bot on each team

I have yet to play a full 5v5 since that first day of the OPERATION dropping.

The devs clearly changed this and won’t eve mention it.

Why would we want to play BOTS. They shouldn’t even be in PvP at all.
Take them out

If this game can’t support 5v5 due to population than Playlist have to go or ranked and social need to be combined. Not permanent bots to fill these maps.

The two new maps regency and nexus are too large for 4v4 and BOTS can’t cut it.

Proof of failure from these devs decisions.

Gears 5 isn’t in 50 most played Games on Xbox
Is #498 most played on steam. But to be knocked out of top 500

Clearly the decisions and direction of the franchise isn’t the right way.


if you’re getting a bot it means you play casuals which is still 5v5. 4v4 is wayyy better imo.

That makes zero sense.


You people just make the crappy responses. Everything is ego


How does it make zero sense? Bot filling is only applied in casual matchmaking not ranked.
Casual Matchmaking is still 5v5. So if that’s all you play why do you care about 4v4 changes to ranked?


Lol again EGO,
it isn’t even called casual. Lol
Your response is so ego driven you can’t even call it by its actual name lol
Let that sink in man lol

Also, unless they just changed it today that isn’t even true.
Social KOTH is 4v4 and then fills the game with 2 bots one for each side every single game.
Social TDM doesn’t have the mandatory Bots but never fills full 5v5.


You sound pretty mad which is unfortunate because I’m just trying to have a conversation with you.
What servers do you play on? Because I play NA East and have no issues filling my lobbies and if a bot backfills they are usually replaced by a real player quickly or by the next match. So maybe its an unpopulated server issue?
Also casual/social matchmaking is 5v5 in koth. if you’re experiencing 4v4 then you are either playing ranked or your lobbies are glitched.


We can all agree that playing just alone and ending up against a five stack is stupid, 4v4 allows the game to be more tactical, cause in 5v5 if one person dies it doesn’t make the fight any harder, them putting it down is telling us to work as a team and play objective most people who want 5v5 only care for kills anyway, this game isn’t dying because people don’t like the update, and if they play it and all together leave? They have no loyalty to TC and gears as a whole, lets all relax and just wait patiently the update hasn’t even been out that long

In fairness… Gears of War 1 was 4v4. That was the game. (Just like halo, too.)

Gears switched to 5v5’s later on… was it Gears 4? (I stopped playing around version 3-4… joined LATE Gears 4, heavily Gears of War 1 - top 100 Execution at the time)

I was surprised to see 5v5’s coming back to the game… it took me awhile to get used to, because I always felt 5v5 there was that extra guy coming up behind you… you also felt you were reloading WAY more because of the extra player… or… you missed that clutch 4 kill team take out.

These are some big changes happening… but remember Gears of War 1 is what took this game places… just like “halo going back to its roots”, Gears 5 seems to be taking a bit of a similar approach in this aspect…

Gears 2 onwards swapped to 5v5.


Okay thank-you for that… so Gears 2 was 5v5?

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Yes, all versus modes apart from Wingman which was 5 teams of 2.


Hey so off topic, but do you recall Gears of War 1 having friendly fire on in ranked matches?

That’s all I remember growing up playing… I was very competitive with it… and was around top 100 in execution at the time…

@Jimmeeehhhhh sent me a picture showing it being disabled… but did they update this later on? Or was “social” still counted as ranked back then?

I just remember playing ranked with friends from school + online buddies, and reaching around top 100 in execution at the time, so I played heavily, and always remember boomshot teamkills… grenade tag on enemy rolling back to their teammates and teamkilling one or two of their own… and hammer of dawn team kills.

… Wanting to hear your thoughts on the whole friendly fire stuff APART from “trollers”…

I posted about this a while back on your other thread, it was on PC for ranked (IIRC) and I remember Joe Graf posting it as the biggest mistake they made, you asked for a source (fair enough) and I couldn’t give it to you as those forums were deleted a few years ago.

One user looked back at Gears 1 (Xbox) and FF was greyed out for ranked, so I think it may have been only the PC version that allowed it.

Initially PC required a “gold subscription” but that was scrapped, allowing silver users to play and get online achievements.

This definitely worked even if FF was off :slight_smile:

I think it is a more tactical option and could suit esports or proper teams/stacks, but for people not playing with a regular group they can trust it would be a poor experience. I see a lot of complaints about garbage teammates on here, and I imagine it would be far worse if their teammates could kill them too.

I am not opposed to having it as an event :slight_smile:


Wait could you clarify this… Gears of War 1 killed your own teammates if an enemy tagged you with a grenade, and you rolled back into your teammates… if all 4 of you were there, you’d die, and that person who tagged you would get 4 kills, correct?

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I think you are confusing the “ranked” lobby option with the custom lobby option. But it was so long ago I don’t remember if Epic accidentally put FF as a selective option and then patched it out.

Edit: I presume we are talking about the console version, it was definitely a thing on PC