Bring back 5 v 5!

I mean if that’s what you wanna take from it that’s on you. I give TC a lot of hassle for this game but their reasoning for it made sense. It’s noticeable that there’s more opportunities for you to make big plays or push a ring more smoothly when you have strength in numbers. 5v5 sometimes just feels like too much chaos. The game was made with 5’s in mind so either way is good for me I’m just saying it’s more strategy with 4’s. Kill one and then rush a hill cause you have numbers advantage. Kill two as a new ring is about to move and you pretty much have that next one guaranteed. In 5’s 3 people can still go there and have a chance

4v4 is ok on some maps but it’s absolutely shocking on the bigger ones like bunker, regency and training grounds.

Speyer coming back will show that too. A decent sized map built strictly for 5v5 warfare.


Need 5v5,

Then 50v50.


Do 100 people play gears online? :rofl:

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That’s true,

We start with 10v10 so all 20 players can be in one lobby :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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I had no idea Battlefield was gonna be that insane. I’m actually hyped now for that. Sounds like pure chaos and anarchy.

What ? Adjust player amount to map size ? Are you trying to bring sense in or something ? Are you insane ?

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As a solo queue player, 5 stacks have always annoyed the hell out of me but it’s better overall for people to have the option to play with their friends.

I feel bad for wanting them gone in the past because I’ve seen a lot of vets from way back in the day abandon the game after 4v4 was introduced due to their team being forced to quit playing ranked together as a 5 man squad.

If (some of) the maps were significantly downsized, then 4v4 would work, but I don’t think we wanted the series to devolve to such a boring small scale like that…

Map design which incentivized camping, along with an OP Lancer had a huge part to play in how dominant 5 stacks were.

Maybe since the Lancer shoots marshmallows now, 5 stacks might not be so annoying.

No sorry, nothing you described, described more strategy at all.


NO, NOT on one condition. Your solo q would suffer the same as a 4v4 match.

Solo q lobbies ok but that is simply illogical that we would need lone wolves to have the option,

I’d be happy if I see at least one ranked game mode with 5v5. Guardian would be great as 5v5.

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I just want different ranked playlists.

2v2 Gnashers is such a boring, uninspired playlist, and it accounts for 1/4 of our options. TDM and KOTH are staples now, I get that, but Guardian, Gridiron, Execution or even Escalation would be preferable over running at each other with shotguns out for ten rounds.


gears wouldnt be able to support that lmao imagine 80 of the players with 100+ pings


games can take quite long in 4v4s especially when it’s a highly contested game between both teams ,one game can take quite a while to complete, one round can be ranging between 9-15 minutes, some may say that’s not long but if a person plays onlly few hours a day, that’s less games being played , the map sizes also cater for 5v5 , TC spoke of connection and lag but you still get dropped from server and then it’s 3v4 during matches for a round,sometimes multiple persons gets dropped in a game on both teams sometimes.

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