Bring Back 25 Wave Horde Variant to Public Please

Please always include a 25 wave variant in public…if you only have an hour to play…that works great.


Both Horde Lite and Feral Horde are available in Public Horde. If you were looking for the special Horde event TC ran in August, you’ll have to wait to see what Horde event TC rolls out for September. But Horde Lite and Feral Horde should be permanent.

The Feral that’s up right now is 50. I found that out the hard way.
Lite is ridiculously easy and pays very little.
Some of my friends are grinding for the new packs so I’m getting constant invites for Horde. I hate committing to 50 so we’ve just been doing private Monster Mash and Frenzy.

Hopefully they’ll bring monster mash back to public for the fall season.


Ah, my mistake on the Feral Horde. I haven’t played that in months. But yea, if you’re looking for 1-25, then doing Private like you’re doing is probably the best bet.

I had thought the same thing and ended up getting stuck in 50 waves when I was supposed to be doing something else. I hate quitting on people so I stuck it out and apologized to my friends later.

Feral Horde is a 50 wave format although it says 45 mins. It’s not 45 mins. Horde Lite…who plays it?

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Why dont you try play this in a group in private mode since its available via match options settings?

It should be always in public horde match as we always don’t get friends online for private match.


I don’t think you get the card awards after boss waves in private lobby’s. I don’t remember seeing any but the public lobby’s do. Am I correct?

Also…It takes time to arrange a private lobby with randoms if you are just looking for a quick game.

I joined a private lobby yesterday…they were looking for 1…I joined…they were only 3 and not 4…nobody had a mic…and they started before i could see what class I needed to be and sorted my cards…bummer…

I agree, Horde Lite is always available for less experienced players , surely it wouldn’t be hard to have an insane 25 wave variant for the more experienced players.

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