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Bring actual gore back

(DJ NME) #61

Gears 1 had the best gore by far. Gears 2 was too ketchupy. Tbe blood was too bright. Gears 3 toned the brightness down, but the gibs still weren’t as good as gears 1…gears 4 is terrible for gore. The red rendering on a dead players body parts looks like it was lifted from an n64 or psx. Whack

(iDs Killsknot) #62

Agreed 100%.

(SM0KIN D4BS) #63

This right here…no truer words spoken…Gore from gears 1 and 2 hands down best so far

(buscobuzzy) #64

Ya Gears 4 in any categories was diluted by TC from Gore, weapons, Achievement tracking and not to sound like a broken record the ping/net code. The only things gears 4 has the others don’t is the graphics and movement but as expected that part should be good because the times have changed with graphics.