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Bring actual gore back


Oh yeah! Bright was a great movie! Had a pretty great soundtrack as well!

(xValtiel) #42

Why does every thread get derailed every time?


It hasn’t derailed. We are still talking about violence, gore, and death!

(Fatalist Flames) #44

Gears 1 / Gears 2 gore were some of the best in the series to me. A return to that would be great. Loved seeing rib cages :smiling_imp:


Get a X-ray

(Fatalist Flames) #46

I prefer chainsaws.


Well, that would be an upgrade in the medical field!

(Terrance Sander) #48

Liking gore is not ■■■■’d up , since the game has always been about this and It is also a crucial part of gunfights , and most games just ignore it for FPS reasons. I also LOVE squashing monsters into the concrete. But most likely , this is not going to happen. TC is too afraid of scaring the kids or the girls. I mean , judging by how they talk on interviews it sounds like that’s the only part of the community they care about , while we nerds are being ignored.

(FMJ xXmodzXxX) #49

Just people chatting, yea I’d like it more if it was about the topic but atleast it aint toxic

(spaceageGecko) #50

I think it’s more a case of gore being overlooked not trying to appeal to kids. Headshots are still brutal it’s all the rest that is lackluster.

Don’t try and turn it into a us vs them situation.


But it kinda is…

(spaceageGecko) #52

Eh not really, if TC did it intentionally then yes it would be but there is no indication or reason to think that. It’s way more likely that it got overlooked.


That could certainly be true. But I also think that I could be possible that they tried to smurf the gore so as to appeal to a larger (and younger) audience

(S IK O IR G E) #54

This is why I miss Gears 1 and Gears 2.

Back in that day, a large part of the design philosophy was the gore and violence. But GoW3 and onwards, it’s become more and more cartoony rather than visceral.

More grit and more gore is definitely needed.

(Shiddick) #55

"Its seems GOW3’s gibs have the same properties as bowling balls and cling to the floor the moment something is dead. Body parts also seem to fly in random directions as opposed to away from the force of impact. Gears 2, in my opinion, looks the best. The parts are chunky, they fly away appropriately like someone punched them hard enough to explode. "


(mizzelphug) #56

My favorite thing to do in Gears2 was “sweep” the bodies up off the floor in horde. Mow down a ton of guys then run through the ragdoll carcasses before the map self-cleans for memory.

(VettleGT) #57

Agreed, the violence is toned waaay down and it needs to go back.

(Gyroscopic Jim) #58

There was something about GOW2 atmosphere, The maps felt evil. Not sure why but they gave me the creeps, in a way that 3, UE and 4 didn’t.

(III EnVii III) #59

Ruins with the FlameThrower :blue_heart:

(mizzelphug) #60

The scale was off in Gears 2.

Meaning characters felt smaller in relation to the environment.
Look at Blood Drive in Gears 2 in comparison to Gears3/4/Judgment. The columns holding up the train tracks, doorways, etc all seem too large for the size of the character on screen. Maybe it was just the lower camera angle? (not my video but it’s a good walkthrough)