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Bring actual gore back

(FMJ xXmodzXxX) #1

Gears 4s gore is pathetic, no guts, ribs or anything. Just red gunk. Bring back gears 2 gore

(SM0KIN D4BS) #2

Agreed 100%.

(xFribbo) #3

Who knows it may return in Gears 5. We will all have to wait and see.

(xValtiel) #4

I was having this thought while I was warming up in a private bot lobby yesterday. The gore is so bad in this game. It’s just red jelly.

(Black Mage Pein) #5

there is no Gore really… its blood which is not the same as gore. there is tiny little bones sticking out of hands and legs when you gib a person; but no intestines, lungs, brains really, etc

This has been one of my issues with this game since its launch. it looks terrible compared to even gears 1 when you gibbed someone back on xbox 360. and thats embarrassing for what is suppose to be (and is) stronger hardware… let me guess, with gore, we would be at 30fps on console? lol

Sounds mean but this is a serious problem with the game… aesthetics matter, n gears 4 doesn’t have great or even any real gore aesthetics and its boring to look at because of it. which is one of the reasons i always loved gears back in the day.

(Duffman GB) #6

Sniper Elite’s xray kill cam. That would be excellent.


It’s funny, I was actually thinking about this the other day. I, too, agree the gib/gore detail and animation needs to be addressed in Gears 5.


This thread is so messed up on so many levels :rofl:

(Black Mage Pein) #9

why because we enjoyed an aspect of gears that made it different from halo and/or many other shooters at the time?

What disturbed people i guess.
Whats wrong with you? Who doesnt like chicken and watermelon. lol

(lMN here) #10

I think since he’s a clown and laughs at everything.


Precisely my friend😜

(Black Mage Pein) #12

most people laugh at clowns. Clowns laughing at their own jokes would just be Dane Cook I think? ew lol


But to be able to laugh, you must first get the joke.
You must be new here. Don’t worry, you will be seeing a LOT of me🤡

(Black Mage Pein) #14

I have seen you on many other posts, i was just joking n trying to have a good time with you but maybe you did not really notice.


Oh I always have a great time my friend🤣. And yes, a clown sitting in the dark, laughing at himself is either one of two things-
A. He’s Pennywise, and is quite demented.
0r B. He is the funniest person alive.
I am closer to the latter option

(Black Mage Pein) #16

well thats good, cause this series needs someone to enjoy something about it… saying as everyone acts like its unplayable and the Gnasher is broken. lmao


That’s only true in Comp lol

(Black Mage Pein) #18

its broken in social as its a nuclear warhead in my opinion. The Gnasher is tolerable in Comp imo. but everyone wants the gnasher to be the social gnasher because if they cant kill everything with it from across the map, its broken. though this is very off topic. i stop here. no replies about it


Gore and cursing :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:. There’s not enough cursing. The old gears characters used to use cursing. The new ones not so much

(Jared xz) #20

Anyone else play with gore OFF? :sweat_smile: