Bridge glitch act 3

It’s very silly how there’s a game breaking glitch like this stopping you from completing half of the side missions. EditI had to start from act 3 chapter 3 and I had all previous progress upto that part if anyone is stuck, so no need to replay the entire act like most say

I had read in true achievements that if you missed components (cause you need 279) by act 4 chapter 2.

You will need to go back in the same saved slot of your current play through and load up any chapter where you where short and find them.

then again reload same saved slot the last act and chapter of your current play through and do a respec. it will update component count, so you have enough.

If you do not do this and just load in another saved slot you loose the side mission that gave you the ultimate upgrades and components will not carrier over to the other saved slot and play through.

I messed this up so jump in with a friend on his current play through and i jump from 70% to 97% completion, but he missed some and so we did not have enough at the end 30 short.

he load act 3 in another slot, but now he is doing it in his original play through so hop fully this weekend i can jump in and get it.

expanded all the comments its a bit of a read.