Breechshot was a way better cooler gun than markza. Let’s talk about it

What? You never been hit by a pool noodle, especially when it’s wet? Not a pleasant experience. Not at all.

Jokes aside, the Markza is definitely a bit underwhelming as I alluded to above in my post, albeit indirectly. Doesn’t really do anything no other weapon can. The only classes I would bother using it in Horde with are Marksman(for Icy Precision and early waves mostly), Nomad(since it has a dedicated Markza build that actually makes it carry a punch), and very, very rarely Robotics Expert where EMBAR/Longshot are probably still the better choice anyway.

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Yes, bring back fun weapons. Breechshot > markza. Booshka > boom.

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The markza is in no way a potato gun, not in pvp and def not in pve lol

It definitely leaves something to be desired though, it can’t compare to the Longshot in range, accuracy or damage. The only thing it has over the Longshot is rate of fire and you’d be better off just reloading the Longshot for more burst damage.

Recoil offsets the advantage of being semi-auto and aside from Marksman and Nomad it doesn’t do nearly enough damage in PvE to warrant using (even just in early waves of Horde).

Can’t really speak about PvP anymore, I dropped it back in operation 3 or 4, but it’s a very niche weapon when you have access to better precision weapons in the Longshot, EMBAR, Torque Bow and even Boltok to some extent.

I have a feeling that the Breechshot hasn’t come back yet because it would completely overshadow TC’s baby (the EMBAR) but gosh dang oh darn… Hunters using Markza’s just ain’t right, yo!
I would rather see the Markza as a starting weapon again, that goes for the Hammerburst too. They’ve been nerfed to the ground and have no reason to be pickup only.

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Well I mean the longshot is an actual sniper rifle. Obviously the longshot is going to overshadow the markza. If the longshot isnt available, I do go for markza. It’s got its uses. I’m just saying that i disagree about the markza being weak. It’s very powerful and it’s got its uses. Its like comparing the 3 Lancers, the mark 3 has a chainsaw bayonet for CQC, a good rate of fire and a bigger magazine. However, its weaker. The retro is stronger and has a bayonet, but its slower and has a slower rate of fire. And the GL has a super fast rate of fire but it has some recoil
Basically I’m just saying the advantages and disadvantages of the markza. All the weapons have it, some more than others but I feel that if you want to call a weapon a noodle. You should be referring to the talon or the hammy.

*retro is stronger and has a bayonet, but it has less rounds and has a slower rate of fire.

The GZ18 “Markza” Sniper Rifle is the one from Judgement and the Longshot was made to counter it (from a lore standpoint, clearly lore doesn’t need to be reflected in gameplay as we can see).
The one in 4 and 5 is the Markza Mk 1 Marksman Rifle, so fair enough, but I say again the Longshot is the superior option they cost the same amount of power in the Fabricator.
I guess what I’m trying to say here is that we can obviously have multiple iterations of the same weapon, so where’s the original Markza? The Breechshot? Will there possibly be a Markza Mk 2 in Gears 6 now that Paduk is in New Ephyra with Baird?

Also, this thread’s about the Breechshot and Markza, hence why I expressed it was underwhelming. That doesn’t mean the Hammerburst isn’t disappointing but it wasn’t the main point.
The Talon is basically a better Lancer in close quarters: Same damage bullet for bullet, faster fire rate and the ability to get headshot kills without having to down the target first.

The markza from judgement was really nice, It saved me in my insane run of the campaign. I’m sorry dude I just sorta got off on a tangent. I would see why not? The lancer has 3 versions of itself, and each version has its strengths and weaknesses. I wasnt great with the breechshot in judgement but I think I could go off with it now. Especially since we have 2 snipers, having the breech could be the best of the EMBAR and longshot.
I think tc could make it work, both versions of the markza are pretty different and could work in different situations. I could see the judgement version having a high amount of rounds in a magazine but maybe the damage isnt as good, but it has little recoil. And then yk the new markza could be the same as it’s always been.


*wouldn’t see why not?

It’s all good bub, I didn’t mean to come off as hostile if I did.
It looks like we’re in agreement on how the Breechshot and old Markza could be incorporated though. :+1:

Naw I didn’t sense any hostility, just some talk about some good weapons :slight_smile:

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And let’s be honest, I miss that breechshot execution :pleading_face:

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I played 40 games of arms race last week, it’s the weakest gun to use and pick up in PvP arguably. The weapon does not work well for its intended range in PvP and is not that great in Pve either after wave 30 even with high cards and consecutive shot…lol

Are you hitting your shots? Lol

What difficulty of horde do you play?

Incon and I do just fine.

Try it on master past wave 30 and tell me how well you do against elite drones , you don’t get the time to get 3/4 shots off

Maybe dont fight elite drones? They are stupid op and accurate.

It’s kind of the snipers job to break their suppressing fire so the team can function…but you can take them out with a long shot while the Markza does nothing. This is more the point I’m try to make rather than some trivial argument.

I know I’m just messing with you, ty for the info :slight_smile: