Breechshot is OP

This weapon should be nerfed bc it has too much ammo. I’ve used it a couple times and already have 2 quad headshots with it. Like it’s just automatic headshots everywhere


Its not going to be nerfed, its a prototype weapon that was scrapped in devolopment.

I love this thing but it has too much going for it. In judgment it took 3 body shots to kill but in 5 it takes 2 to down. Judgement is had 4 rounds +8 more in reserve. In gears 5 it has 5 rounds and like 35 reserve. Its busted, I love it.

I’m hoping they have an OSOK with this gun headshots only no melee.


“Finicky Indie weapon” lmao. Hoffmans doing wheelies in wheel chair rn.

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Honestly osok with this thing and no body damage would be insanely lit

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Yessir. Sniper only events are my favorite modes. I wish Bunny Hunt came around more than once a year.

Sadly, Jesus only rose again once


Truly a shame lol

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The weapon really is busted. I don’t normally play PvP anymore but a friend wanted to get the medals so I joined a few matches.

Damn that weapon destroys things. Especially during Active this gun is devastating because of the quick shots.

Wish they would allow it in horde and escape alongside private / lan vs matches.


Finally, a thread talking about this weapon!

I cannot believe how tremendously fun this gun is to use, but what’s more unbelievable is that I can pick it up nearly every round I play because nobody else seems to want it, even despite the fact that I just took out the entire enemy team with some cheesy headshots from like 3 meters away the round before.

On the topic of whether or not the gun is OP… I am a big believer that centrally located power weapons can’t really be OP. They are meant to be something worth fighting over, they should make you afraid when you see the enemy team picked it up in the feed. The weapon still requires some skill to use effectively, I just think it has way too much ammo for a weapon that can kill so easily.


That’s because it is only in Custom and the new event.

It’s definitely a weapon you have to keep an eye on. I do think an ammo reduction would be in order.

In the right hands, it’s probably the most powerful weapon on the field currently.

I usually get the weapon for free on round 1 then I kill alot of them with it. Round 2 starts im battling for the breechshot 1v3 lol

There is no Breechshot in Gears 5

The prototype weapon in the current pvp event was made to replicate the breechshot, it just uses a markza model

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I know. I was being a wise-butt because it’s called the Markza MK2 or whatever lol.

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you got me there

It’s all good. It’s impossible to detect sarcasm through text!


I agree with what they say above, asking that all weapons be so balanced in a way takes away that prestige that a power weapon has on the map, the only thing I think would be fine is to reduce the ammunition from 5 to 4 as in judgment , from there everything seems fine to me