Breaks that dont register

I have had lots of breaks lately that didnt register. Literally enter the hill. Get shot and downed and finished in it and wont get a break. Cross the line, and back out…no break…
Then get downed and crawl into it barely and it registers. Im on fiber with 10 ping. Its not lag. What is going on? Its very annoying to sacrifice a life only to get nothing out of it…Anyone else?


I’ve seen people run from one end of the ring to the other without it breaking. Not sure why it’s so different in this game.


Breaks are funny in KoTH, not sure if outright broken or if there’s a special rule (Like time or favoured against running) to it but from my experience it’s better to wallbounce.
Walk > Wallbounce > Run.

But I don’t know. Been like that since release.

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Seems inconsistent. Sometimes it’s an immediate break, yet sometimes the counter keeps clicking for a second or so.

Agree it needs a more accurate way of stopping the counter.


I almost made a thread about this recently and was curious if certain factors dictated how much time was required to break the hill. As in, does the hill have a variable timer? I swear sometimes my pinky toe will brush against it and it will break. Other times i have the exact same experience as you.

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I remember one time I ran through the ring and it didn’t break. I turned around and ran through it again and it didn’t break. So I slid into the cover within the ring and it broke but only after about a second of being in there. We took the ring and an enemy came by and as you put it their pinky toe broke it immediately. :man_facepalming:

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@Krylon_Blue you summed it up exactly. Sometimes you can run laps in the hill and nothing. But Sometimes an errant pube sticking out of a zipper grazes the line and its a break. Very very perplexing.
@BetaX2r I mean, a break simply means breaking that plane of the circle…right? Ive never seen it explained any differently. Pretty sure its that simple.

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Breaks from gears 1 to 3 worked when you touched the ring on server, so basically if you had high ping you could run through whole ring and then ring broke. This also could cause bug that extend max ring points by one more point if ring was taken in right moment.

In Gears 4 and 5 ring breaks when player is in ring + game needs to decrease current point count by 1. This can cause that player has a chance to break ring on touch, or break it after one second, it depends if ring is going to decrease remaining points count.


Happens a lot, in fairness it is the same in the older games. It shouldn’t be that way though.

That happens in GoW4 too

If there’s more than one opponent u aren’t breaking it they still have control


Doesn’t matter if all 5 are in the ring. The ring should break with one of the opposing team crosses the ring.

I am nearly certain that you must be in the ring while it tics down to the next second.

For example, its an enemy held hill with 27 seconds left on it. You run in and out the other side, but you do it quick enough the the game does not tic down to 26 while you’re in it, thus, the hill is not broken. This is why sometimes it seems to break instantly, and others it feels like a full second before it breaks.

If you enter the hill at 27.9 seconds, that is .9 seconds you must be in the hill. However, enter at 27.1 it will feel instantaneous.

Lol, this is not true.
However, I wanna say this was a rule in OG Gears 1 Annex… or maybe it was Gears 2 KOTH.


Then why doesn’t it break when there’s more than one person?

For the reasons I explained in my post above your quote.

I have personally broken a hill with 4 enemies in it. In Gears 5.

I see , well ima recheck my self as I believed it was different.

Every once in a blue moon, I find myself the lone survivor around a ring when the enemy is capping.

I have on several occasions walked in slowly without drawing notice. When the ring breaks, it seems to take a second for the enemies to realize something isn’t right lol.

True, it was made that way to prevent some strange point extentions,od even getting more points out ring ( like 2 teams were capturing ring and if you sum up points from ring, you could get 76 points).

Thanks for the insight.

@I_TRS_GEAR_I your hypothesis seems to make the most sense. And would explain break or" no break" breaks. I do appreciate all the input from everyone. This one issue has bugged the ever loving bejeezus out of me.
It would be nice if TC would post explanatory rules for each mode in game. This would prevent a lot of unnecessary red ■■■■■ towards TC for things that if explained would alleviate the red ■■■. Just like this above. :fist_right::fist_left:

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