Breaks are still highly under valued

The thing that still bugs the ■■■■ out of me…I’m always the one doing all the breaking on my teams in KOTH. If you don’t break and stop the bleeding, your team will lose. But nobody will do it. I always have at least 1,000% more breaks than the MVP, but usually 20% less elims. I can have an average amount of caps like everyone else, double triple or quadruple the breaks, and a small percentage less elims…And I wind up at or near the bottom performance wise. And it’s obvious why I have less elims…im always throwing my body into the hill over and over while every body else sits back and turtles up. If I am comparable in 1 area, a little below in 1 area, yet far and above in 1 area, that shouldn’t always put me at or near the bottom performance wise. 1 small deficit should be made up by a large surplus in another. I always tell myself I’m not gonna be the one to do the dirty work, but I can’t stand losing. If you don’t break you lose. I’ve had teammates get within 1 foot of a capped hill, shoot at someone, then turn around and back off… I’m sitting there screaming “break it” …“wtf are you doing”…Breaks are way undervalued. Imo.


Need to break and capture the rings. Players will try to capture the first one the run off to get kills. On 4 didnt have it as often. Bring back points for capture and breaks. Bring back KOTH the way it was played.


It’s because the want to protect the K/D ratio. I had 3 agames like that it was always 3 on one when i go to break the ring and no crossing to help me. i am not good enought to handle 1 v 3.

That’s 200% or 300% more–not 1,000% more sir, check your arm before you break it.

But I feel you. I never have teammates that break either…but maybe it’s just me in most of my KOTH games if my team isn’t pulling up I camp nades and blow them to hell on highwater and hold the ring for a good fourty seconds, that is if I don’t get there first.

While breaking is valuable (you could argue even more valuable than capping) it is also extremely unhelpful to constantly rush and try to break a hill, and die in the process. Rushing solo into a ring is almost certain suicide in a majority of cases. The last thing a team needs when the enemy has the ring is to be down a player because he didn’t wait for the team.
Not saying this is what OP is doing. Just giving an example of why some people might be hesitant to break a hill.


@Buster_McTunder if I have 10-15 breaks, and they have 1 or 2, is that not 1,000% more? I have #'s like that all the time. I had a match the other night where had 10 breaks more than the mvp… The same amount of caps, and the Mvp had 62 elims. I had 45 elims. The mvp finished considerably higher.
All im saying, is that in an objective based game like KOTH, that isn’t team death match, their should be more value for breaking. A 10-20 elim difference should be offset by 10 more breaks. Elims and k/d shouldn’t be the highest weighted stat in an objective based game that isn’t about getting the most kills. Weight should be put on winning first and foremost. Then breaks and caps, then elims.

What you originally said was;

As I quoted and said was 200% or 300%, not 1,000% like you claimed in the OP, simple math. But it was mainly a joke, so well done!

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Sorry bro…I’m really tired. Don’t even know why I’m still up. Deuces

Nothin pisses me off more than so called ‘good players’ (they think they’re good but dont know the objective of the game they’re in) who pride themselves in gettin the most kills but neglect to cap or break & end up losing games. Like you said, it ends up being guys like us who hav to jump in a ring thats guarded by 2+ and then die repeatedly.
This aint TDM buddy, you dont get a gold star for losing games but hey, you shot more people!! :roll_eyes:

Then you get these same idiots scrambling when the games about to be over to try and break/cap rings. No mate, it’s too late now :unamused:

Oh, and why many players still dont go to ‘next’ and understand that it’s easier to defend rings than to break/cap well defended ones. Nothin worse than when I’m at the next ring all alone (lol yh poor me) and have the enemy team swarm in. I’m like ‘where the fk is my team at!’ :eyes: :disappointed:

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@ll_R_E_D_l’s life

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Its a hard knock life man


Stop referencing songs that are too old for me

@WiNKZ_typeBEAT dude, if I had a dollar for every time I’m at the “next” ring saying, " where the ■■■■ are my teammates"…I would never have to work again. KOTH is a simple game…the team that breaks and caps togethor usually wins…I think 90% of the time the team that goes straight to the ring right at the beginning of the match and caps first usually wins. I’ve seen stacked teams that cap and break togethor…unless you have a frag, boom, or dropshot, its almost impossible to kill all 5 guys if they all go and move around in that ring at the same time. Ive got a young kid that I play with, that “gets it”. If you ever wanna squad up with me and him…hit me up. My gt is Funkdoktor. Id love to have a KOTH squad w/like minded players. My thing. also is, " don’t make it easy on the other team". Meaning break tbeir cap whenever you can. I have more fun sometimes breaking and then respawning and going right back and breaking them again right after they have re-capped it". Ill do it all match long. I know by the end the other team is going, " Jesus Christ…this guy? Again?"… If TC would make scoring different for objective based games like KOTH, it would stop some of the TDM mindset. I care more about winning. Usually at the expense of my rank.

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Whats bad was realizing the Jay-Z version is still older than you

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Most Jay-Z things are older than me…

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I dunno why I thought that song was made in the early 2000’s just like you were lol

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