Breaking down checkout

My buddy and I repeatedly get into arguments about how you hold down checkout.

The argument is how important is holding down the spawns on the side hills.

He thinks its the most important. Controlling spawn controls the hill. I disagree and see the hill being able to hold from three vantage points depending on spawn location.

Your team has to be able to move and adjust when the other team spawns in a new area. To me you can treat snipe and frags as the same as spawn if you know how to cross correctly and the locations to be in.

Really depends on where the hill is but overall it’s all about ring control. Even if you can’t cap it right away, as long as your in a position where the other team can’t cap it

But if the ring is on one of the side, it’s best to have two people in the spawn area closest to the ring. Two at flames and one on point

But you agree or disagree you can rotate that cross to other points if you don’t hold spawn.