Breakermace shouldn’t break in horde

I don’t think the breakermace should break when it’s out of ammo. Rather you shouldn’t be able to swing or use it. Or it shouldn’t deal dmg when out of ammo. Because rebuying it is so annoying when it breaks. Especially in tense situations where it gets blown up and you need to retreat or you see it’s about to break and try to get ammo to stay in the fight and therefore save yourself.

For the dlc classes like striker and protector when it’s heavily reliant on the mace as a useful arsenal to their dmg potential.


I agree or you can make it more durable, so it’s harder to break.


The breaker mace is a devastating weapon that needs to be balanced. If it didn’t break it would be the most busted weapon in the game. This is the equivalent of saying that the boomshot should never run out of ammo.

Michael Shannon has buffed and buffed and buffed melee classes. They don’t need another thing on top of all the things they can already do.


I never understand one thing though, I was engineering in speyer today. Had x2 blademasters in my team. I decided to build 3 lockers and only one was used (from demo) and I thought Marsman was going to need one because of longshots but never used it lol.

I decided to put breaker mace in lockers after my team killed wardens, I also spend 12,000 power for breaker mace, all filled (8 breaker mace). Showed it to my blademasters, they never used it.

Instead they start draining more power on breaker mace, when they had breaker mace in lockers. :joy::joy::joy:


their thoughts :
“Man that guy is showing off his cool mace collection, wish I had one…”


Like I said. It shouldn’t deal dmg then. It shouldn’t break. It’s so annoying. I’m not talking about making it invulnerable

I’m saying when it’s out of ammo. It shouldn’t be able to be used. Like a boom shot. Or any gun that has no ammo. I get it’s a devastating weapon. I’m not asking they buff it. Just not to break.


This is a cool way to counteract the breaking but it would probably cause alot of confusion for the people who don’t pay attention to anything in their game lol

Breakermace shouldn’t break



True. They could make it to where it makes that noise when you try to shoot with no ammo.

The only time I even use the breaker mace is when I’m the dlc melee classes. It goes really well to their class. And the blademaster can do fine without it.

It just bugs the ■■■■ out of me having to buy another breaker mace especially in tense situations where I no longer have the energy to do so.

You know how it looks before your character throws away right? What if they make it so when it gets to that point, it no longer can be swung and it no longer gives you damage resistance but you can get an ammo box to fix it? That would be fine by me.


This would be a fine a fix for people who pay attention to their game like you and I. But i feel if they could still hold the mace and not swing it then randoms would just be confused and complain about it.

It’s incredibly annoying that it does break but in the hands of the Warden its indestructible lol. I am fine with the Warden having it and all, but it’s too easy to lose lol.

It’s the Boomshot Scion that get me more than anything else. Moving around the map and the Scion just knows exactly where I am going to be, fires and no more mace lol.

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The mace is OP already. Not having it break would make for incredibly boring matches with no challenge factor to them, especially if you’re a skilled Blademaster players.

Let me say a Thing if it’s like a Melee Thing…

Can we have a Combo using Breaker Mace?

I mean we can have Triple-Melee stunning, so why Breaker Mace don’t have the Combo lol :sweat_smile:

Let’s say Melee-Melee-Accumulation of Heavy Melee of Breaker Mace (Will use the Durability of Breaker Mace while Accumulating)

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I would say if you are a skilled Lahni than you don’t need a breaker mace lol. Only thing I use it on are Wardens, when I have no ULT, and the Matriarch because the slam causes some bleeding but other than that I pretty much knife my way through an entire 50 waves lol.

Would be handy though if the mace just stopped working when it runs out of ammo instead of disintegrating into nothing lol.

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“Breaker Mace is OP already”

What the hell. You clearly never saw a demo / tactician pro with grenade lancer + boomshot soloing the whole wave from a save spot. There is no way a breaker Mace is more “overpowered” than grenade lancer / boomshot.

@Op post

“breaker mace shouldn’t break”
I agree with that. Especially sometimes it breaks with more than 70% ammo remained from 1 boom or torch bow shot. That is far too much.
At least if the ammo goes out they should use it as someone posted above. No mace swing / dmg resistance anymore until you grab ammo / put it into the locker.

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Tactician and Demolitions are both one-person classes.


The slash suggests they’re talking about them individually. Not as a pair.

The mace should have a bit more durability or be unavailable when empty.
Could always stuff the pipe into the fab for a lot less to keep Strikers going.


if breaker breaks, then all guns should break when boomshot heads your way

imagine playing like that :joy:


I don’t think it should just disappear when “empty” rather just have it unusable (like any gun) so you’re able to return it to a weapons locker.

Currently levelling up the protector. Pretty cool class with the mace and shotgun hybrid.

Mace is good but is it ■■■■ OP btw :rofl:

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