Breaker Mace is buggy and broken

Why did coalition add this broken crappy weapon to multiplayer and being overpowered and buggy when in use? I have many clips showing me an inch infront of the person shooting him in plain sight on the chest and always get screwed over by the mace causing me to die and the other playing not dying right away. Its like they made it have extreme defense on it.


I second that, that weapon should be revised.

100% shots never been registered against Breaker Mace holder even from the back.

In Horde too it has issues. Emile is my favourite guy, but life can be hard for him.

First you have to pray for Wardens to even access his best weapon.

Second, the 50% penalty to Breaker Mace durability just for getting downed is pretty brutal.

Then you have to contend with the bug that has the weapon disappear entirely when you get downed sometimes.

Emile has it tough, poor guy. :heart:
(Oh, I don’t have Grace but I imagine she’s going through a difficult time also.)

The mace user gets a health boost while wielding it. Full hits only score 77% damage.
Either two piece them or back up for the 2nd shot.

Its total bull crap that this is a thing and the mace doesn’t belong in gears. Totally op scrub tier weapon.

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Why you ask? Because they hate their fan base. You should know this by now, it’s increasingly evident by every update.


The first time I used it I laughed and told my friend, “I see why this this gets so many hate threads on the forum.”

It’s pretty ridiculous. But, it’s one of those weapons where, if you nerf it, then it’s not worth picking up. Positioning counters it pretty hard.

You would think after almost 4 months people would begin to realize there is a health boost given to the mace user.


My biggest issue with it is its range. Lets us Icebound as an example. The mace shouldnt be able to down you when the person pounds the ground at the front of the boat house by the cryo cannon and your at the end of the boat house by the window

Agree about the Breaker Mace and not to veer off too much the drop shot is another one. Gears 4 to me it was way over powered and in 5 I have done and have had against me drop next to me and not even damage me. Both weapons are far from balanced. I guess that matches TC’s company motto, “If it’s not broken we’ll break it.” @TC_Octus @the-coalition

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Yeah I had a good session on gears 5 pvp yesterday but my one complaint was the dropshot. I was landing it right beside people who had already been shot and nothing…then the next time I picked it up I was landing the same shots and it was wiping everybody it landed near…



An inconsistent weapon?

I call bull


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Yeah it’s like when I went 26 and 0 on ranked tdm them followed it up in the next match with 4 for 9.It’s always the way with gears of war. That much TC has kept true to the previous games lol

I swear ppl kill me with shots 3x futher away from me than I do to them,an they live :roll_eyes:

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I have to say in the games defence that after I take a break from gears and come back I feel like I can’t kill anyone with the gnasher but once I’m back a while it doesn’t bother me. I think finding the range and getting familiar with it again is a big thing.

I hadn’t been on for a 3 weeks and I came back feeling like I was getting downed from miles away with the gnasher but now I’m back a while I don’t feel like that and I feel like I’m the guy who is downing other people from miles because I am aiming better and judging the range better.

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Yea, can relate2that aswell, on a 3day break now, jus no urge to play, hopeful for future still tho :grin:

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I just took a break to play death stranding. My next break won’t be until the last of us 2 so I should have a good run on ranked pvp between now and then. After that I will just switch back and forth between tlou2 and gears. I will probably have to wait for tlou2 pvp until it’s been out a while though as they have said it won’t launch with the pvp unfortunately. Maybe be unavailable until ps5 so gears will probably be my only mp until the new consoles.

Roll on demons souls remastered on ps5!!!

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Playing early access on last epoch (think Diablo 2esc if unheard) quite enjoying it, been a while since an arpg for me

Yeah I never got into Diablo although I did play the third one and I can see the appeal for sure if it’s like that.

I’m hopeful for gears of war 5 but a part of me feels like I’m just on it out of nostalgia for a franchise I grew up with. I only play 2 hours a day so it’s easy just to pop it on and play even if it’s not the greatest gears game.

If a souls game or metal gear solid came out I’d probably put gears 5 down for a good while. Right now though until tlou2 releases I’d say gears 5 will be my only game unless death stranding releases dlc.

I really want an arpg that plays like gears, farming mobs with a gnasher to lvl up and hunt rare upgrade items would be SICK


The should add co op missions etc

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