Breaker Mace / Efficient Executioner

Looks like it’s been addressed before
Blademaster card (Efficient Executioner)…always refilled Breaker Mace…until card maxes at Level 6

Filled the map in horde with pilfer pouch for boss wave, does not work. Would’ve left the card at Level 1 if I knew. Likely not a card I’d use on Master level but it’s definitely bugged. This card once maxed is now useless.


I never knew this was even a thing, but then again; Why bring that card in the first place if you could just pick up a normal ammo-box at the end of the Wave?

This card once maxed is now useless.

It has “some” use in Escape, but yeah, more of a filler-card.

I was seeing if a build is viable in inconceivable/Master horde where you have pilfer ammo everywhere, since the breaker mace deplete very fast when taking damage/hitting multiple scions/boss/all of these combined. May need multiple ammo re-fills for the mace mid-round.
Without worry of the mace breaking…you get a 20% or something health boost and can do insane damage. a 4000 energy mace that breaks mid-round makes sense since it’s a “mace” but a great distraction to keep an eye on.

Executing enemies puts you at high risk of going down though.

Its a great strategy for me i mostly play frenzy.

I leave the card at level 5? I think it is where 1 execution drops a small pilfer

And chainsaw a couple easy guys or when i need to “fix” my mace

I look at it as a worse Good Kill.