Breaker Mace deteriorate rate?

When I use mace for melee, Sometimes it seems it go away so fast, are there any rule of thumb how to used it?
I know charge hit will shorten it use, but seems doing swing sometimes still don’t last too long.

Also it seems even if u have a full mace, if u get shot down by a boom, your mace gone.

Are there any tips and trick on how to manage mace use?

I just wanna level up my blade master card.

When you hit obstacles, walls and covers in your surrounding, it reduces the durability.

When you get shot while holding Breaker, it reduces durability.

I’ll leave rest of explaining to @RelaxingKoty.


Pretty much what Ektope said.

Everytime you hit part of of the map or an enemy it will hurt your mace. My playstyle as BM, I only use the mace on bigger high health enemies or if there’s a big group I will heavy attack so I can hit all of them.

Theres nothing you can do to stop this. If a boomshot hits you, its over for you 99% of the time. Sometimes, very rarely, I will tank a boomshot.

The damage resist perk, Thrill of the Hunt, and both deflect cards work for your mace too. But ill say the same thing i tell everyone when asked about the mace: if your mace is breaking alot, that means you have it out more than you should.


In other words switching weapons and throwing flash are the keys to preserve the mace.
This is how RelaxingKoty told us :grinning:

This is also why it becomes common to require a room in the locker for a spare mace for BM.


All of the above.

Use the mace for crowd control or bosses. Don’t use it on a single Juvie or drone.

Flashes are your best friends when dealing with Scions. Esp Ice and Boomshot Scions.

Sometimes I swap Close Range Deflection card to Shock Shield to get Stim when I activate BM ult. It helped me a lot to take a boom shot to the face and survive lol


This is where improved awareness comes into play; and usage of flashbangs.

All Scions look distinctly different to one another; and there’s obviously the vocal cues too, so with some experience you can work out what types of Scions are on the field. If you have a good headset you should be able to hear the vocal cues and what direction they’re coming from etc. Even hearing the footsteps of Scions approach from whatever direction helps.

Flashbangs are great for stunning heavies - this should be a priority for Boomers and Mulchers (and to a slightly lesser extent Salvos as their firing pattern is a bit more predictable but the rockets still pack a fairly big punch). Other heavies like Overkill DR1’s and Dropshots are more easily attacked without needing a flashbang.

Just to add, the gameplay loop you should be aiming for is a little bit like this:

(1) Do heavy damage on enemies to build up your ultimate - a Breaker Mace obviously helps with this on later waves and especially on heavy enemies
(2) Use Electro-blade with Shockchain for maximum effectiveness
(3) As the ultimate runs out, retreat to safety
(4) Rinse and repeat

With step 1. you need to always bear in mind that ultimate recharge is largely tied to your damage output nowadays. The more damage you dish out, the more your ultimate recharge metre is reduced. So in terms of game mechanics are concerned, the more health the enemy has, the more you can recharge your ultimate - you’ll notice that once the progressive Horde buffs kick in of 2x health, your ultimate recharges fully from killing fewer enemies (and also faster) as they individually have more health per unit.

What I’ve noticed good Blademasters do, is to target heavies, and use the Breaker Mace to deliver enough damage, before retreating. 2-3 swipes or a single ground pound is usually enough damage on master difficulty to do enough bleed to kill them a couple of seconds later. Heavies obviously have more health, so killing a couple of heavies will knock off a big chunk off of your recharge metre.

Once your ultimate is ready, switch to another gun (so you melee with your knife) and then activate it and go nuts.


Can u kill/damage/bleed those enemy in bastion shield/daily shield/reflective shield?

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Lol just kidding

@RelaxingKoty knows the way


You can heavy attack with a mace and use your ult on Wardens with a bastion. The heavy attack will hurt the warden and give you cooldown for your ult. Once you have your ult, use it on the warden with a bastion and your shock chain will chain to the bastion and kill it eventually. Wardens are the only enemy this works on for some reason.

Reflective shield Grenadiers : you can just melee combo them and meatshield them. BM has so much damage resist that you out heal the reflect shield.

Reflective Shield Heavies : use your ult on them. A unique thing about BM is while you are meleeing something and it is bleeding while using your ult you are immune to almost everything in the game. Even the reflect shield. Melee damage goes through reflect shields so basically while you’re hitting then with BMs ult you can just beat them down safely.


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