Breaker mace anyone!?!?!

This thing needs to be nerfed.

My thoughts on it :

~Lower the movement speed when you have it out
~Increase the swap time when switching to it
~Remove the damage mitigation.

If the mace is so powerful that it explodes your body on contact and sends shock waves outward when slammed on the floor, it should have the characteristics of a heavy weapon.
The mace is suppose to be a super powerful close range weapon which makes sense, but to use that power should require the skill to be able to make your way close enough to an apposing player by using movement cover intelligently.

Being able to run full speed towards someone and swing an instakill fly swatter or bring down Thor’s hammer and kill multiple people in the path THROUGH WALLS is ridiculous. Add the fact that you can tank shots while doing this is just so dumb. If i play ninja time an enemy weapon pick up and get close to them to one shot them while they are in the animation, i get rewarded with the kill and the weapon (except nades). with the hammer if i try to do that i get screwed because they tank the first shot and just instantly kill me with the B button. If i try to shoot before to damage them in hopes of being able to finish them, either it take to long to shoot then run up and kill or they know im there and it ruins the whole plan.

I just don’t get this weapon. there is so much more to say but im not going to wait more time.

I doubt TC will do anything about it but what are you guy’s thoughts?

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It shouldn’t be able to kill you through walls or cover, having cover protect you in a cover based shooter would make sense.

Also the weapon is flat out broken on Exhibit, you can RT where you pick the mace up through cover up to the higher levels over looking it and through thin air when you’re on the middle bridge up top.


Ohhh, you mean this , with active bullets not generating any stopping power either :slight_smile: ?


Hopefully they made some adjustments to it in TU3. Patch notes come out next week before Op2 launches.

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my point exactly! like why? just why?

I’m usually pretty easy on TC because I generally like the game, but I wouldn’t lose sleep if the Mace was tossed in the can.


So you’re wanting to completely gut everything about the Mace, a power weapon no less, but things like dropshot or say Boom are fine?

Literally just reverse two piece (shoot then melee) and they go down without any time to swing back. This applies to multiple other scenarios too if you’re close - though it is more difficult now since melee range was reduced (as it should be).

I agree, it is power weapon but i believe it is too powerful. it has 2 attacks that both kill in one hit pretty much and both are honestly pretty easy to use. you mention the boom shot and dropshot but how many people actually miss with those weapons? more than you might think. and that is the thing, you have to aim and use those weapons correctly. misjudge the arc and you miss the boom or even kill yourself. release the drop too early or too late miss the kill. with the mace, rush and swing thats it.
Its a melee weapon in a shooting game so it needs to be strong and have its place but it also need to have a level of skill to it.
make it strong but force players to use it wisely and not just give them the ability to rush and kill through walls and such,

I agree it’s a little brain dead, personally I’d like to see a reduction in the quick swipe lunge range. If they were to remove the health buff I’d want at least a slightly quicker ground slam as the current animation in ranked results in you being sniped or reversed 2 pieces down half the time (if anyone notices you before hand).


Just an op piece of nonsense…in any mode.


it is fun to use on someone spamming the knife, haha…

Like I like to use the Retro against someone spamming Enforcer (in GoW4)


I think it’s fine in every way except for RT killing people directly behind the user. If you’re dumb enough to hit RT while I’m close enough to get behind you, you shouldn’t be rewarded a kill (considering you should be using RB in that case).

It going over cover is whatever to me, once you realize it can do that it’s pretty easy to position yourself accordingly.

I enjoy on Exhibit when I’m capping the ring and someone kills me with the mace from the ledge, as the shockwave passes through a wall -> thin air -> another wall -> my entire team.


Lol I see someone running at me with thing I make like scooby doo and get out there without hesitation.

Imo, slight range reduction would work wonders. Idk if i care enough about it hitting through cover. If it didn’t it’d probably lose a ton of viability as a power weapon.

Removing the armor bonus might work out ok too.

Just throwing this out there the knive is already a two hit down so it makes sense that the mace is instant kill just like the clever in other gears

I’d say nay on the movement speed nerf. A melee power weapon still needs viability.

I’d also add to the list though:

  • If Lunge is KEPT, remove the conversion of user damage to weapon damage so that it remains user damage.

  • If Lunge is REMOVED, replace the conversion with 25% Stim. That way it’s obvious and not overbearing.

  • Shockwave damage shouldn’t kill an enemy behind the user.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve outmaneuvered a Macer, popped off point-blank, and STILL get punished. It’s ridiculous.

  • Shockwave should stagger oppenents behind cover and do 50% damage instead of fatal unless right in front of cover.

The Mace being a counter to camping is great, but I rarely see it being used to actually BREAK cover.

  • Reduce the range of the shockwave

The fact that I take a few steps back, roll back, and can still get shattered is crazy.


Yeah it’s nasty on exhibit KOTH because one hill spawns above it and then 2 spawn next to it. Makes for some real easy clips tho

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I actually don’t have a big problem with the mace except for the insane range. The damage mitigation is dumb too I guess but really for me it’s just the range of it.


I really enjoy using it in Horde but don’t agree it’s OP there at all. The 50% penalty to durability just for getting Downed is pretty brutal.

It divides opinion…but fair enough…i dont use it…but its all good with those that do.