Brawler Escape Run dedicated to Beetle, Snakey and Koty

Last Stand? I’ve seen it done before by a really good random player who’s lobby I joined but I have yet to get the ult to last the whole second act myself - it does take very good timing.

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Yes! And the vid is up on my channel. I chose right path.

The key was to get enough kills at the first spawn to last enough so i could reach the next spawn.
The problem most times is the enemies don’t spawn fast enough. But I managed to do it and couldn’t be happier. Brawler is my least favorite class.

Impressive doing this with the shorter Ult duration modifier! Hmmmm… NOT using All the Glory is starting to really show its benefits in such extreme examples. Too bad I’m too addicted to the explosions lol. So surprising to see Brawler gameplay from you Rumbly, but great job! The ‘BURN, BABY BURN!’ music had me giggling while watching, it is such a perfect fit haha.


Lol thanks!
My plan was to do 2 solos as Brawler using Killing Time.
I chose the End because of the short ult and Last Stand because of Ultra Stopping Power.
I think everyone knows I’m not a fan of Brawler. So having done these runs I can happily retire lol

My last vid is coming out next week, right before Christmas ( sort of a tradition I have ).