Brawler class with scorcher tips

I’ve been hearing the brawler class is good so I’ve been trying it out with scorcher but to me it seems kind of trash still. What y’all think?

Its great


I find that the class doesnt do so well on high difficulties, but based on what I have seen on the forums in probably using it wrong.

@Hu1k_Daddy are you going to be doing a guide to the new brawler?

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Play With Fire pairs well with it to do even more damage. Beware of actives since it leaves some fire on the ground and it can easily kill you if you aren’t careful or miss a crucial tackle kill.

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Haha already did.

Check OP5 Horde in the search

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Hey man,

I can actually do more damage without it with the build I put up for my guide overview.

Should check it out.


Yeah I also have trouble with the brawler class on master, makes me wonder if others are playing on insane or lower when they say brawler is good. Any tips on playstyle would be helpful.

Check guide I put up,

It’s all there. And I beat all the new maps on Master with the Brawler.


Im going to assume your talking about this post

I saw the post, but how do you play the class, do you stay in the base setting things on fire, and use scorcher when they get close? What about perks? Do you use tackle at all with the build?


Skill cards are already advised in the post. Perks are Damage and ammo regin 1 to 1. As in level one then the other until maxed. The other 2 are optional.

Stay in the base or with the group and burn everything. If they get close tackle them after they are on fire. If they cluster Use ULT when close to clear then out quick.

Sorcher is for all ground based bosses. I only use it on them, unless Swarmack.

@Sable_Collie @Quantum_Hulk and @avaramis also have seen me in game with this build so they I believe can also state to its effectiveness.

Hope that helps.



Step 1: get Pyromaniac card to 6
Step 2: get Scorcher Damage card to 6
Step 3: hold down a hallway littered with barriers so enemies bunch up together
Step 4: pull trigger on the Scorcher
Step 5: laugh maniacally as the world burns around you and yell this out


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The scorcher nullifies wardens and matriarchs completely, just burn them to death.