Brawler burning problem

anyone notice the brawler burn button is into melee mode with the b button , instead of dashing and burn it goes into melee mode when pressing b button on xbox one controller but it works if you press A and B button at same time but cant reverse after the burn attack

Really? I always thought the burn button became a melee that dashed into a burn before returning into a melee? :crazy_face:

yea, lets say dash + B button = melee, no burning i got the card turn on but melee after roadie run

You mean the tackle attack? Which can be performed without Torch Tackle?

This change came about ages ago - maybe Operation 4. You said so yourself - just make sure you’re still holding the run button when you press the melee button to make you tackle. You can still roll away immediately afterwards. Just release the run button after you perform the tackle and press it again (along with the analogue stick to make you roll a particular direction).