Brawl- just wow

I see we now have a new variant of TDM but with a different name to help it sound more appealing which is by far another lazy half build playlist full of bugs …just keeps on getting better ! yay ,can’t wait to grind some more stars - said no one …ever

I’m just laying this out there, for anyone who isn’t able to pay attention or notices simple patterns.

TC is introducing these weekly events as glorified test playlists. They are trying to see what changes and tweaks can be made to balance, improve, or attract new players.

At first, Control sounded like the bizarre love child or Gears 1 (PC)/Gears 2 KOTH and Blitz. However, players ended up really liking it, so it’s sticking around for now. I’m not sure if anyone else has noticed, but this series is on life support right now, and I appreciate any attempt to keep it going.

I gotta hand it to TC, they manage to maintain positivity among a sea of players who will never be happy. They are truly damned if they do, damned if they dont. They could have easily said, mid-op drop is done… nothing until OP 7. Then you would still make a post, still accusing them of being lazy.

Also, it’s not like the stars for this event are for a weapon skin set or character… it’s for coins. Nobody needs to grind for them. It’s simply something to work towards while trying out the mode. gasp the nerve of them!


You must be out of your damn mind if you think that TCs legit attempt to bring new players in is tweaking the playlist. Now this doesn’t mean I agree with OP, they’re just looking for things to be mad at because that’s the cool thing to do but there is a reason we can’t see the player population for games now and days.

As someone who has played MMOs in the past I can tell you exactly how the “population” situation is working. TC currently has a set amount of players who fall into lets say two categories. The remaining die hard players who are either addicted or just really like Gears and the people who like Gears but aren’t exactly tied to it

The first group of players will stick around and play whenever they can because they just genuinely enjoy the series. Group two will play during events, new skins, and Operations. Once their ToD is done, skins are obtain and rank is reached for that season they will likely not pick up the game until something happens again.

TC isn’t gaining new players, its pulling current players off the bench back into the spotlight, and once that main course of content has been done they’ll take another break until the next bit of content comes. Don’t get me wrong I believe there are new players joining the game but it isn’t at insane rates to that point where its noticeable. And before people try and say “but I only see low levels in horde and pvp, know one knows what they’re doing” this game has a strict learning curve and a hell of a grind, of course people are going to be low levels.


Gears will never bring in new players when new players realize the only weapon that does anything is the gnasher which is currently jacked up anyway

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Awful event. Why do people not go on a camping-trip instead of playing TDM?

Not gonna lie, when I read “Brawl” I was expecting FFA with the Breaker Mace or something lol :joy:

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Tbh it’s such a cringy name


Says the clown.

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Said the cat to the clown


said the bird to the cat to the clown.


…you’ve got me there


I needed my ego inflated for the day, ty for being that person to do it.

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I gotchu


It’s just tdm with awful spawns isn’t it?

Cant get spawn trapped so theres that.

I’m not disagreeing, but I don’t think it’s that cut and dry…

When I first started playing Gears VS back in early 2007, the Gnasher was already the only weapon used. In the short 3 months prior to my arrival, the playerbase had set the meta for the game. Everyone else that has come since, has either fallen in love with it or went “this is stupid”.

Now, that’s not to say this meta doesn’t scare away more players than it attracts… that certainly seems to be the case in the last few years. However, every once in a while I will see posts on the Gears subreddit from new players who sound elated to have discovered the game. They all have the same response “it’s unlike anything I’ve played”, and that’s not just hyperbole, there is NOTHING like Gears out there.

I truly believe the industry image of Gears is it’s biggest threat. Still to this day, there are people who will refer to Gears as "that dude-bro cover shooter’. They think its mindless, they dismiss the tactics, they underestimate the skill required. Then if their curiosity does get to them and they tune into a tournament, they greeted with pro players humping each other and bouncing off walls. So many potential players lost before they even give it a chance, all because of preconceived notions.

I think it may be in TC’s best interest to push PVE modes really hard in Gears 6. Use it as an invite for players who came just for the campaign to stick around a little longer and enjoy the benefits that come with a little time and dedication. Then, after they are hooked on PVE they can expand into versus with a little better understanding of the pace and style of the game.

The following two statements are facts:

  • The Gnasher is Gears versus.
  • With the amount of games out there, Gnasher only gameplay is unattractive to new players.

Its a real predicament.

TC needs to figure out how to maintain loyalist while attracting new players. Arcade seemed like a perfectly logical attempt, but here we are…


If MS cant get a studio to iron out the technical issues the game’s backend frequently have, the game will never gain and keep a large player base. At this point, there are simply too many options to deal with the quality issues the series has.

Over the last couple of years, several games have launched in a broken state (bf3/4 comes to mind) and they are swiftly fixed such that they are mostly stable very quickly or they immediately disappear (Anthem ). This game has had server problems since TC took over.

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I can’t even get into a lobby with more than 4 players… tons of fun

It’s sad that the thing that makes gears so unique is what’s killing it. It’s to the point now I’m in lobbies where people wont even use power weapons, they just rush with gnashers.
Gears needs to evolve and the arcade like gameplay of the past isnt going to keep it going much longer.

Event is fine its basically just “Hyper TDM”

In the description in the TWIG tho it said the player will be spawned as far away from enemies as possible. A guy killed me then I spawned in front of him in the direction he ran after he killed me. Because I spawned right next to him I was able to get him off guard lol

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