Brand New Gameplay & First Look at Features of Gears 5 PC!

Looks like a berserker :+1:

A Swarmerker?

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#1 until I see otherwise :grimacing:

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could have sworn I can change the FPS to uncapped in the menu already (gears 4)

Just confirming that it will be back for Gears 5 :+1:

ah i see ok thx.

so how do we know if our current GPU is capable of some of those features like Omni Shaders, Bokeh Effect Simulation, Screen Space Subsurface Scattering, Temporal Anti-Aliasing?

As long as I can turn them off, I have no problem. :+1:

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What the ■■■■, the Berserk is amazing!

But indeed, they plan on keeping the Campaign completely under wraps. I don´t know whether they want to hide something, but I like that approach. Makes it easiert to avoid spoilers.


It seems to be features of the PC version that it can take advantage of PC hardware.

The only requirement so far for specific features is Ray Tracing.

So everything I listed can be put to use by all hardware.


They’ve actually shown one small cutscene from the Campaign.

It look really good, in my opinion.

It’s strengthened my belief that at the very least, Campaign will be the best we’ve seen in any Gears game.

Plus, I prefer the story to be kept under wraps if TC feel so protective over it.

They’ve put a lot of time and effort into and most likely don’t want to spoil anything or give anything away.

From the the two trailers,

We can see a dramatic change in the characters from the first snippet and the trailer we got last year.



Can you please confirm if the PC version will have Dual GPU Support?

It’s the one key piece of information that’s important as Gears 5 will be offered in 4K and to enable higher refresh rates, it needs to take advantage of Dual GPUs at that resolution.

Looks like the Berserker’s giant dinosaur cousin to me, but whatever it is, I’m going to kill it very dead :smile:

Looking forward to horde new boss😎Thanks for the pictures

Glad the swarm are getting some armor, maybe Imago will get some too! :rofl:

Aha, I think it’s going to be a worthy boss fight!

Imagine a few of them running around in Horde :sweat_smile:

No problem, I’m sure the trailer for Horde will be very good!


I really liked the Spectre Swarm and the added armour does look good!

Looks awesome hopefully they dont change default button scheme too much

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They won’t, in the screenshots, they got the same button schemes and a limited “button remap” section.

This is awesome,

I guess I need to play it on PC not my Xbox One X then!

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Most definitely.

I believe the One X version just has Character Models on Ultra and 4K Resolution.

The PC has the full suite of upgraded graphics!

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