Boxes returning?

Pretty positive TC will be adding FFA in December and I’m wondering if we’ll get boxes again. We got it pretty late into gow4 so if they do bring it back hopefully it’s early on. Love me some 2v2s


They better do it like COD and actually have a lot of 2v2 maps


I’d love some FFA! No randoms to drag you down? Sign me up! I hope they have a ranked offering for it.

I’d also love some 2v2.

Seems like if they pull a Mid and just make current maps small, they could easily pump out a new 2v2 map once a month.

Or 5-7 at once. I really don’t buy that it’s time consuming to add some barriers and change the spawn. They can do better than one per month.


We already have one if the 2v2 maps from gears 4 in the game so hopefully

We do? I hadn’t noticed. Or completely forgot what map we’re talking about.

My memory is horrific

Foundation I’m pretty sure was cut in half in gears 4 so it was just the middle section for boxes. And we have that map in 5

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Ah, I thought it was Foundation, but didn’t want to make a fool out of myself lol.


2 vs 2 is the best :slight_smile: could play that for hours


No. We definitely have basic Foundation.