Boxes Announcement Trailer

We do - so we can run 2v2 Gnashers Only Execution properly in future. In what format (ie. Playlist or Event) that comes in has yet to be finalized.

Boxes isn’t a full blown map - it’s sectioning off a part of an existing map. That justification is for a full map, which requires art and sound design, artists, extensive level design work and playtesting etc…


I’ve never played Boxes before but I’d give it a try,
But the real question is, will they make the same mistake of releasing it on the wrong tuning? :stuck_out_tongue:

Well although I don’t love all of the maps in this game it’s good to know that they at least try to balance them for all gametypes. To be fair, nearly all of the ones that weren’t remasters turned out pretty ok for most game modes.

Again I’m not a fan of Boxes, but I’m glad people that enjoyed it/enjoy 2v2 will have a map to do so on.

Side note: Why not try sectioning off the church on Mercy, or the center area in foundation (from the bottom of the stairs by torque to the small opening just before the drop/boom spawn) for 2v2? Both of those areas seem to provide great flow for gnasher combat. Just a thought.

Probably won’t be. It will be on core like everything else. Core has ruined this game. If they wanted two different settings they should have put core in social only. That way new players could get used to the game mechanics and work their way up to ranked. It’s ridiculous that the most popular game modes are core only.

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2v2 Gnashers as a permanent playlist please now that boxes is coming.

@TC_Octus When can we be expecting this map?

No date to share as yet.

Nice! I enjoyed Boxes on UE. Should be fun going back.

That notable amount of time would have been better spent fixing the lag issues caused by high ping warriors rather than a mode only a specific group will play. Do you guys even care that this game is ruined by these players? Make the matchmaking filter stricter and stop allowing this to happen. I don’t need another mode when the other modes still run like crap.

Stop pairing me with players that can’t stop pinging this high! I’m all for new modes but if it runs just as poorly as every match I’m placed into I don’t give a damn if you add a new mode. Spend your resources fixing the real issues instead of leaving it broken!


Wow, looks awesome. Never played Boxes.

This kind of mode/map every month would have been great for GaaS.

Meh, its good, but from where I’m standing it doesn’t look like the problems from the previous has been fixed, TC are just hoping the gameplay of 4 over UE makes this less of a problem.

And then, given this is coming nearly 2 years after the game is released, is a good and bad thing.

Its neat, but I get the feeling that like UE, thus should’ve been in at launch, not releasing nearly or over 2 years after the game has launched.

This is just stupid.

As I didn’t get UE and thus never played Boxes, it’s essentially a smaller version of War Machine? With no pickups, so load out weapons only?

Never played Boxes before and I have UE…just really isn’t enough to bring me back to GOW 4 yet

What would bring you back? You could just give it a try at least :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I agree.

Tc -“ let’s introduce a new game mode”

Community - “hey can you work on the servers and game glitches”

Tc - “naw we are introducing a new game mode”


Well right now, it’ll be the achievements at least…Boxes doesn’t seem interesting to me at all

I guess this is how they will justify saying we would get over 24 additional maps.

I think they’re debating whether this will be a new game mode or simply a special event,

New game mode or special event is neither here nor there.

They should dedicate time and efforts to fixing server issues so the game modes they have are more enjoyable.

It’s even gotten bad enough that it’s bleeding over into horde


But it’s just the center of War Machine…

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