Boxes Announcement Trailer

Very happy. I hope its comp tuning

One can only hope. It will definitely play terribly on core.

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Who are you kidding? It’ll play terribly on both Core and Competitive, lol. :yum:


of course… the high ping players… I totally forgot! xD


This is great to see come onto Gears 4… Wasn’t expecting it at all… Loved playing boxes on UE…

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I’ve been watching Dev Stream after Dev Stream after Dev Stream all stating the same thing in regards to questions on new maps:

… there will be no more maps added.
… maps need to be tuned and playable for all game types

Along comes Boxes… granted, a simplified version of War Machine… but rumor has it that “River” was worked on, then scrapped. Surely if Boxes can be added… so can River…

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I NEVER had the chance in UE to play boxes because I don’t see anyone playing, I want this now PLEASE :smile:

Super excited. Lets just hope it is competitive. Core is trash.

Boxes =/= River.

Boxes took a notable amount of work to pull off even with it being a sectioned off part of War Machine. River is a 4-6 month project with a multitude of teams needing to be involved. VERY different beasts. I can categorically tell you River is not in development.

Don’t take this as an indication of more 5v5 maps. Think of it as a bonus we added to better support 2v2.


On reddit, I remember vaguely Octus said river simply did not work in Gears 4, they would have had to change it drastically and the new one would not have the same feeling as the original.

They said River wasn’t playing well so they ceased development. Maybe they just felt you couldn’t play Escalation on it. But, boxes is a map that was already there and little work was required. I can’t see them putting serious man hours into finishing River at this point.

Edit, looks like you got an official answer.

… and on one of the Dev Streams with level design it was brought up that all maps needed to be playable with all game types (ie: Escalation… etc…). I highly doubt Boxes will be utilized to be playable with Escalation, by that same token, Boxes simply does not work as well.

As Octus stated above… Boxes took a “notable amount of work” to be pulled off. But why? For what?
It was added in because they have a plan for it’s use, I can think of no other reason.

I say again… if boxes can be added… so can River. If you get my drift.

not that it will or needs to be…

wasn’t Boxes a separate game mode in itself in Gears:UE? if that’s the case then I see no reason why the Boxes (map) has to be designed with Escalation in mind when it will never be used for that mode.

I’m guessing Boxes will come as either a permanent execution variant or a execution variant special event.

We do - so we can run 2v2 Gnashers Only Execution properly in future. In what format (ie. Playlist or Event) that comes in has yet to be finalized.

Boxes isn’t a full blown map - it’s sectioning off a part of an existing map. That justification is for a full map, which requires art and sound design, artists, extensive level design work and playtesting etc…


I’ve never played Boxes before but I’d give it a try,
But the real question is, will they make the same mistake of releasing it on the wrong tuning? :stuck_out_tongue:

Well although I don’t love all of the maps in this game it’s good to know that they at least try to balance them for all gametypes. To be fair, nearly all of the ones that weren’t remasters turned out pretty ok for most game modes.

Again I’m not a fan of Boxes, but I’m glad people that enjoyed it/enjoy 2v2 will have a map to do so on.

Side note: Why not try sectioning off the church on Mercy, or the center area in foundation (from the bottom of the stairs by torque to the small opening just before the drop/boom spawn) for 2v2? Both of those areas seem to provide great flow for gnasher combat. Just a thought.

Probably won’t be. It will be on core like everything else. Core has ruined this game. If they wanted two different settings they should have put core in social only. That way new players could get used to the game mechanics and work their way up to ranked. It’s ridiculous that the most popular game modes are core only.

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2v2 Gnashers as a permanent playlist please now that boxes is coming.

@TC_Octus When can we be expecting this map?

No date to share as yet.

Nice! I enjoyed Boxes on UE. Should be fun going back.